When was the first communal uprising observed?

Rebellion against school openings! Municipalities refuse, parents call for a boycott

The other day at the ministry ...

"So," said the Minister resolutely after successfully completing a level in her mobile game. She looked friendly at the State Secretary, who had just presented the latest figures on the infection process. "What do we have to do so that we can finally open the schools and everything?"

“Well,” the State Secretary began, somewhat confused, because he had just said that all the evidence pointed to a third wave with an extremely contagious virus variant, “we need mandatory tests from students and teachers at least every two days.” - “And students and teachers! ”added the minister. "Yes of course. Sorry, ”said the Secretary of State, trying to stay focused. "In addition, a quick vaccination offer must be made to all teachers." "Uuuund", the minister jumped in. "And all teachers, of course," the State Secretary hurriedly pushed afterwards.

The Minister leaned back contentedly in her office chair. She was a little bothered by the plexiglass pane that was attached to the desk and made visitors or state secretaries look slightly blurry, as the pane was only cleaned every two days. "Well, that's how we do it, because the schools must finally open again. Arrange everything that is necessary," she said to her best husband, gestured for him to leave the room and picked up the phone.

“Press office of the Ministry of Image ...” “Yes, I know,” interrupted the minister, “I run the shop here. Please prepare a press release that makes it clear that educational justice blabla and the importance of social structure blabla, you know. And then we announce that the schools will reopen on Monday. Clarify details with the State Secretary, first draft on my desk at 10 o'clock. ”She hung up, got up from the armchair and went to the window, which offered such a wonderful view of the Rhine. The first signs of spring appeared on the bushes, migratory birds could be seen in the sky. "You are returning and so are my teachers," she thought and sighed with satisfaction.

A little later the draft press release was on her desk. Armed with a red pencil, she sat down in the comfortable chair and began to read. In some places she had to giggle, it was admirable how the press office could write away the ignorance with unctuous empty words. In a few paragraphs she made notes, here and there an exclamation mark, and thought for a moment where the word rhythms the h.

The telephone rang. The State Secretary answered. "There are problems with obtaining the self-tests, apparently there are not enough to test 2.5 million students every two days".

“I don't want to hear any problems, but solutions!” Quoted the minister from the ministerial handbook, which in the economically liberal edition was always next to the phone. Chapter 3, Important Skills for Dealing with Concerners. "How often could it be tested then?" She asked impatiently.

“Well, about once every two weeks. If you have the tests done voluntarily, every week, ”the State Secretary calculated.

That would be a start, thought the Minister. Through the window she saw another flock of migratory birds fly by. "Well, we can't force anyone to take the tests anyway, we're a liberal country and can only ever make offers." The ministerial handbook offered the right slogan for every occasion.

She noted in the appropriate place on the draft press release that - how was that? - two voluntary tests per pupil are planned every week. She underlined the word "voluntarily" twice and added an exclamation mark.

“There is something else,” said the State Secretary cautiously. "There are rumors that the AstraZenica vaccine could possibly cause serious complications in individual cases ..." He paused and waited for a reaction.

"I am not interested in rumors from the left-wing combat press that wants to badmouth everything again.", He finally heard his boss say, then it "clicked". He looked at the telephone receiver, listened again, but only heard the rushing blood in his ears and hung up.

He just didn't know where his head was, his employees were constantly reporting new problems with the procurement of test kits, there was still no really meaningful test strategy that would not end in a complete disaster and it was completely unclear to him how everything would go up until Monday in this way it could be regulated what still had to be regulated. "EDUCATION HAS PRIORITY", said the minister and wiped off the objections that this would work quite well in distance learning and that one should now rather deal with how one could make up for the school year after the summer vacation. “We have to open the schools,” was the requirement.

They had put together all the prerequisites that could make a responsible opening possible, but now everything turned out to be a castle in the air. Aerial photos too expensive and not fair to distribute, tests not sufficiently available, test staff certainly not at all, incidence values ​​rising rapidly ... For days he had been working on the next school mail, but every evening he found that this or that paragraph no longer had a basis.

He no longer read the angry emails from the headmasters; he had already created a folder of his own for the emails from his parents, into which the messages were moved without being read.

"My concern is that we would have to decide on tightening again before the new easing is properly implemented," he had told the minister. She had scowled at him and said in a biting tone that he had no mandate for such comprehensive assessments and that he should concentrate on solving his - she had stressed this word strangely.

So he wrote another version of the school mail, hoping that one or the other headmaster would understand the subtext and otherwise relied on the common sense of the parents who, given the facts, would simply not send their children to school. He even went so far as to use absurd formulations when describing the procedures for the self-tests, in which all the children should first be gathered in the classroom and then take a test under the guidance of the untrained teacher. At this point at the latest, he was sure, everyone would notice that this is all nonsense.

He insisted that the cities would resist and simply refuse this completely absurd opening strategy - in his mind he put quotation marks between the word strategy. Satisfied, he sent off the mail, checked his watch, turned off the computer and the lights and went home. He was happy to be home before 11 p.m. that Friday.