How do I destroy my phone

Destroy cell phone? - What to do with old and broken devices?

When you buy a new cell phone or get one for free, the question quickly arises of what to do with the old one. Destroy it and then throw it in the garbage can? Or sell? There are several options for you.

How to make your cell phone unusable for good

  • The easiest way to make your phone unusable is to use physical force. Whether with a hammer, drill or a targeted throw on the concrete floor. There are many options. Make sure that the memory card is destroyed, because this is where your friends' data, old photos and much more are located.
  • A wash basin with water also works wonders when the mobile phone is switched on. If you switch the device on again now, if it is still damp, it is definitely broken. Mechanical destruction is then usually no longer necessary. The same applies here: it is best to completely remove memory cards and destroy them mechanically.
  • But you don't necessarily have to destroy everything. For newer cell phone models, there are also programs with which you can safely erase the memory. This mainly happens because the memory is formatted and rewritten several times. With the free program "Eraser" this can be done, for example, with cell phone memory in the form of SD cards.

Whether you destroy it or not, your old phone will make money

  • Do not throw your device in the trash. On the one hand, you are damaging the environment and, on the other hand, you can turn your cell phone into money. This works very easily via the Internet.
  • Where it used to be the practice to sell old models via auction platforms, there are now other options. You can now sell functional, but also broken, cell phones at a fixed price. There are various online providers for this.
  • Even if you don't want to sell your old device, you should think about recycling. Bring your old mobile phone to the recycling center or electric vehicle in your region and ensure that the components of your mobile phone are sensibly recycled.

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