Carry a folder

How do I move the "d3Archive" folder on the desktop to another directory?

In the example in these instructions, a new d3ArchiveFolder created. The new, full path for the d3ArchiveFolder is then X: \ d3Archiv.
Using the dummy.dllFile, a new registration of the d.3 smart explorer components on the workstations is forced. If there is already a dummy.dllFile in your d3client.prgDirectory exists, you can download the file from the d3client.prg- Remove directory. Removing the file also forces the d.3 smart explorer components to be re-registered.

That's how it's done
  1. Log on to the d.3 server with Windows Remote Desktop.
  2. Navigate to the .. \ d3 \ d3client.prg directory.
  3. Create a new file with the name d3shellex.ini.
  4. Open the d3shellex.iniFile with an editor.
  5. Enter the following sample content in order to get the d3Archive- Move folder to another directory: [SHELLEX] PATH = X: \
  6. Save the file.
  7. Create a new file with the name dummy.dll.
  8. Open the dummy.dllFile with an editor and enter any content.
  9. Save the file.
  10. Use the d.3 smart explorer update to create a new d.3 smart explorer package.
  11. Update the workstations on which d.3 smart explorer is installed.
You have in the filed3shellex.ini optionally the possibility to use environment variables. You can use the environment variables (e.g. % username%) as follows in the file: [SHELLEX] PATH = X: \ \