Does the perfect exist in love

The perfect relationship doesn't exist, but perfect love does

We all dream of a perfect relationship; the kind of relationship in which we do not hide any part of us before rejection; a relationship in which the other person becomes one, where we b


We all dream of a perfect relationship.

The kind of relationship where we don't hide a part of ourselves for fear of rejection.

A relationship where the other person will be all we admire.

We dream of someone who will fill in the parts we are missing and calm our lives.

In short, we are looking for someone who will make us whole and take away all the bad things that we struggle with.

This is a great pressure on a single person who is no different from us in terms of innermost desires and shortcomings.

None of us are whole and perfect. We're weirdly shaped and ragged, but that makes us interesting to look at.

We are random works of art.

Relationships will never be perfect because they are made up of two imperfect people who do their best to understand everything that happens to them.

Even if either of you is wrong, right now you are still doing your best.

It's okay to make mistakes, and it's okay not to understand everything right away.

However, it is not okay to repeat mistakes and not make an effort when effort is required.

The effort is what the relationship takes to function.

It is a constant commitment to the only goal and that goal is to help each other on your life path and to make each other happy.

Entering into a serious relationship means agreeing to be there for you in any situation that life throws at you.

That means a lot of uncertainty, a lot of doubt, a lot of things that we don't really want to do. Lots of nonsensical arguments, small frustrations, anger and injuries.

Still love should be stronger than all of these and if it's the real way it is. But what is that? real Kind of love?

It is that Love that never stops developing and perfecting. It's love that doesn't give up. It is love that understands before things are obvious.

How can we perfect our love like this?

There is no doubt that nothing in this world feels better than being understood and loved for who you are, but before we can claim that type of love from another, we need to find it within ourselves.

By perfecting our own imperfections and healing our own pain, we learn to love without judgment.

The hardest thing is to accept our own imperfections. therefore It is important to learn to love our humanity.

It is important not to get lost in a fantasy, but also to love the ugly things.

Eventually, whatever we don't love about ourselves became what it is because of a lack of love, care, and beauty. That's how things get imperfect.

It is easy to fall into the trap of projecting our own longings and desires onto another person who is not aware of our needs.

This is another important topic when it comes to relationships: indicate your needs if you would like them to be met. Talk about them. Find its core.

Don't expect your partner to read your mind or to intuitively know what you know.

Open up, communicate and trust the one who loves you.

Our humanity is filled with inexplicable fears and insecurities, jealousy and greed, senseless anger and occasional sadness, and joy and love.

It is not enough to love the flowers and stay away from the dirt. They're part of the same story, the same process.

The key is to love the process and the magic of what it ends up creating. This is love

Love is trust and seeing beyond the obvious.

The perfect relationship doesn't exist, but perfect love does exist and you can.