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Received on 08/27/2020
This text was transmitted electronically. Deviations from the original are possible.


of the MEPs Douglas Hoyos-Trauttmansdorff, colleagues

to the Federal Minister for National Defense

regarding State Partnership Program


Last week it became known that the Austrian Ministry of Defense is planning to work with the US National Guard as part of the State Partnership Program. There are currently a total of 82 partnerships through the program, the aim of which is to establish common standards for participation in international missions. The aim of the cooperation with Austria is also joint exercises and training with the US armed forces as well as the exchange of experts and observers. As positive as the project sounds, it also raises a number of questions.

The National Guard is considered a reserve of the armed forces - volunteer militiamen - who recently attracted negative attention in the course of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States for their brutal crackdown on demonstrators. The decision to cooperate is also unusual due to the fact that Austria is the first EU country to take part in this program and is not one of the former Warsaw Pact states. The reason for this is that the other EU countries do not refuse to cooperate with the USA, but that this should not only take place with one of their federal states. The National Guard, however, is subordinate to the respective governor of the individual US states. In addition, rumors are circulating that the Federal Army could cooperate with the US National Guard not only in mountain training, but also in border guards. So far, the request for more information has not yet been followed up. According to Minister Tanner, it is now the turn of US Ambassador Trevor Traina to explain which specific exercises are being considered (https://www.derstandard.at/story/2000119409581/bundesheer-fuer-kooperation-mit-us-nationalgarde-ready-doch-order-ungewiss). While Secretary Tanner never had a conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, it also seems unclear to what extent she was involved in this decision to collaborate.

Even though the armed forces have already cooperated with the USA - some Austrian officer candidates are being trained at the US military academy in Westpoint - it is currently not entirely clear under what circumstances or under what conditions Austria should work here with the National Guard.

The undersigned MEPs therefore provide the following

1. How did the agreement on a possible cooperation between the Austrian Armed Forces and the US National Guard come about?

a. Who was involved in the related discussions?

b. When and where did the talks take place?

c. At what point were you, Minister, or employees in your department involved in the discussions?

d. Which conditions have already been discussed in advance for a cooperation?

2. Under what conditions does Austria participate in the State Partnership Program?

a. Are there already written or verbal contracts?

i.If yes, with what content? Please send the documents.

ii.If not, what further steps are planned?

3. How do you justify the decision, unlike other EU countries that were not part of the Warsaw Pact, to only work with individual US states?

4. Are you aware of the allegations against the National Guard regarding the Black Lives matter movement?

a. If so, how are these incidents compatible with the fundamental values ​​of Austria and the Austrian Armed Forces?

5. What specific goals are being pursued with the collaboration?

6. What exercises should be carried out with the US National Guard and under what conditions?

7. What should Austria contribute in the course of the cooperation?

a. Which services have to be provided under which conditions?

b. How high are the costs?

8. When is the start of the collaboration planned?

9. Which similar or comparable European partnerships are being promoted?

a. With which countries?

b. What is the current status of these?

c. With what specific goal?