Why did Goldfinger win an Oscar

1964 Oscar for Best Sound Effects - Norman Wanstall
Oscar 1964 for “the design and construction of an improved Helicopter Camera System” - Nelson Tyler;
Golden canvas 1965

1965 Oscar for Best Special Effects - John Stears
“Ten Worst Movies” 1965: 8th place
Golden canvas 1965

"You only Live Twice"
Golden canvas 1967

"Diamond Fever"
1971 Oscar nomination for Best Tone - Gordon K. MacCallum, John Mitchell, Alfred J. Overton
“Golden Globe Award”: World Film Favorites - Male: Sean Connery / Charles Bronson
Golden canvas 1973

"Live and Let Die"
Oscar nomination for the best song "Live and Let Die"
Golden canvas 1974

"The man with the golden gun"
Golden canvas 1977

"The Spy Who Loved Me"
1977 Oscar nomination for Best Actor: Ken Adams, Peter Lamont, Hugh Scaife
1977 Oscar nomination for Best Music: Marvin Hamlish
1977 Oscar nomination for best song: "Nobody Does It Better"
Golden canvas 1978

1977 Oscar nomination for Best Special Effects: Derek Meddings, Paul Wilson, John Evans
Golden canvas 1980

"On a fatal mission"
Academy Award nomination in 1981 for Best Song: "For Your Eyes Only";
Golden canvas 1982

"Never say Never"
Golden canvas 1984

Golden canvas 1984

"Facing death"
Golden Canvas 1986

"The Living Daylight"
Golden Canvas 1988

Golden Canvas 1996

"Tomorrow never dies"
Golden Canvas 1998

"The world is Not Enough"
Golden canvas 2000

Oscar 2013 for
Best theme song:
Music and Lyric by Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth
Best sound editing:
Per Hallberg and Karen Baker Landers

Oscar 2016 for
Best Tielsong:
Music and Lyric by Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes.