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Micromax X081 manual / manual download PDF

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Li-Ion 1750 mAh
0.1 Mpx


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Win 7, XP, Vista, Win 8, IOS, Android, Windows 10
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118 x 51.2 x 14.8 mm, 92 g, Li-Ion 1750 mAh, TFT 64k colors 120 x 160 px (1.77 ″) 113 ppi, digital camera 0.1 Mpx, mp3, radio, MMS, WiFi , GPS, DUAL SIM, microSD, max 8 GB,

Micromax X081 manual / Instruction manual
Here you can find the operating instructions / manual of the Micromax X081 as a PDF file in German and / or in English as well as in other languages. It explains how to operate the device. It also contains important usage instructions such as how to care for the Micromax X081.

The operating instructions are also called colloquially Manual, User manual, instruction or user guide. Compared to a quick start guide, the Micromax X081 manual is much more detailed.

Micromax X081 instruction manual, Micromax X081 manual, Brief instructions Micromax X081
You can download the manual for the Micromax X081 as a PDF file from us. After downloading it, you can view it with a PDF reader and, if necessary, print it out.

Micromax X081 instruction manual

Micromax X081 manual German

Micromax X081 instructions english

Micromax X081 instruction manual German

Micromax X081 operating instructions as .pdf for download

Micromax X081 operation

Set up, quick guide, first steps, user manual, operating instructions, update

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