Codes the ECO programming

Coding Hörmann hand transmitter

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Note the warning!


  • 1) Look for the receiver on the drive; it is usually screwed onto the side of the housing or on top.
  • 2) Press the small red button on the external radio receiver. the LED now slowly flashes red.
  • 3) Hold the new hand-held transmitter a short distance from the radio receiver and press the button to be programmed and hold it down until the receiver's LED flashes faster.
  • 4) This usually takes 5 seconds. If the teaching-in is not completed after 20 seconds, please repeat the process.
  • Note: If the hand-held transmitter that has just been coded has a range of max. 1 meter, it is likely that you need the frequency 868 MHz. If you bought the hand-held transmitter from us, please give us a call.
If the antenna of the receiver (black wire) is only approx. 10 cm long, the frequency is 868 Mhz (usually blue buttons), otherwise (approx. 1 m long) the frequency is 27 MHz (green buttons) or 40 MHz (gray buttons ). If the teach-in does not work, either the receiver is defective or the wrong frequency has been selected.