Which song can motivate you

6 styles of music that will boost your motivation and focus

As we explained to you in another article, listening to music at work can make you more productive. You are more attentive, more focused and also more motivated. In addition, music is definitely a source of inspiration for creative processes. However, at the time we didn't go into the question of which music is best suited for productive work. But do not worry, we are now making up for this omission. Of course, we also provide you with audio samples that you can test out directly.

1. Calm the sounds of nature without distracting you

The natural sounds of waves or a walk through the forest drown out annoying background noises and the conversations of others without disturbing them. After all, there are no lyrics. In addition, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found out that music created from sounds of nature increases your concentration and work management. In addition, the test subjects felt more satisfied when they listened and had a more positive attitude towards work. Furthermore it was found out that the sounds of nature also have a relaxing effect. You should just avoid high-pitched noises made by animals, such as birdsong. A rain shower or running water are better suited - as long as you don't have to run to the toilet all the time. Here is our audio sample:

2. Music with certain beats indicates the work rate

Some researchers believe that the type of music does not matter as long as it has a certain rhythm. Above all, 50 or 80 beats per minute are ideal for learning, but also promote creativity. In collaboration with Spotify, Dr. Emma Gray found out that when we listen to this music we slide into alpha status. The expert for cognitive behavior explains that our brain is in a "beta phase" when we are awake, on constant alert. This also makes us more prone to distractions. However, music at 50 or 80 beats per minute makes our minds run down and become more receptive. Imagination and memory are promoted in this way. Here is an attempt at visualization:

If you have ever listened to music that you're familiar with, only to find yourself deep in thought and not really hearing the music at all, this is an alpha state induced by music. You're tuning out while being tuned in.

It is also not difficult to find such music. A quick search on YouTube will show you suitable playlists. On these there are various songs from all kinds of genres, for example "The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars:

3. Of course, the classics shouldn't be missing

The so-called Mozart effect, which says that classical music improves cognitive skills, is quite controversial among scientists. However, there are enough studies that prove just that. The brain activity should be increased and health itself should be positively influenced. In addition, the advantage comes here again that the classics have no lyrics. Baroque music is particularly recommended, as its rhythm helps to increase concentration and performance. Our audio sample is therefore Vivaldi's "Four Seasons":

4. Video game music takes you to the next level

Many gamers already swear by it: The soundtrack of their favorite games helps them concentrate on their work. And that's actually true. Because the music has been specially created to give the player the best possible gaming experience. In particular, the focus on the task at hand is increased, both in the game and at the desk. Again, there is the advantage that most of the songs are purely instrumentals. In addition, the songs are used to create a certain mood in the player, which can also grab and motivate you at work. But instead of going against the Templars with a hidden blade, you hit the keyboard with your fingers. You won't unlock any online achievements like this, but at least you will do your work faster and more effectively. Our audio sample is therefore the soundtrack of the game "Assassin's Creed 2":

5. Work can be like in a movie

Similar to video game music, film music should also transfer a certain mood and give the audience a unique experience. And so the soundtrack of a movie can take you to another world while you work. In this it appears to you as if the boring report in front of you is a means to save the world. A clear motivational boost. Film music also gives you strength and endurance to get through the working day. Basically, it feels like you have a soundtrack for your own life running in the background. Our audio sample for you is a true classic, namely the soundtrack from "The Lord of the Rings":

6. Your own taste in music cannot be beaten

Admittedly, this point creates heated debates. One party thinks that it is more of a hindrance to hearing your favorite songs about work. Eventually you bob or hum along with it and become distracted. The other party, on the other hand, is convinced that your own taste in music can improve your performance. For example, a study by the University of Miami showed that subjects who heard their favorite songs completed their tasks faster. In addition, your mood is automatically lifted by the familiar sounds of your playlist. Thus, motivation and endurance are improved and you can face even torturous tasks. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to music. So among many alternative rock titles on my playlist are Abba and hits from the 80s and 90s. Since we cannot predict your musical taste, here is an audio sample from said playlist:

Best to try it yourself

However, to find out what works best for you at work, you have to experiment. Perhaps classical music will improve your work performance, or even a colorful mix of everything? In order not to be tired of certain sounds at some point, you can also create a different playlist for each day. So, what are you waiting for? Put on the headphones and have a listen. But make sure that the volume is appropriate. Otherwise, your desk neighbor could quickly pull the plug on you.