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Ultra HD piracy: 4K content from Netflix & Amazon on the web

Recently, Ultra HD recordings from current series from providers such as Netflix and Amazon have been appearing more and more frequently on torrent sites online. A possible weak point where the content pirates start: The new Fire TV from Amazon.

Hole in the Ultra HD protection

As we reported, the service now also wants to use studies to prove that streaming services such as Netflix are causing a decline in piracy. Nevertheless, there are always people who illegally make the content of payment platforms available, for example via torrent sites. Recently, more and more content in Ultra HD resolution has appeared on such sites.

Marvel's Jessica Jones - The second trailer for the Netflix series

As reported by TorrentFreak, pirates have apparently discovered a security breach that enables them to record series and films in 4K resolution from Netflix and Amazon - including episodes of the Netflix superhero series "Jessica Jones" and Amazon's "Man in the High" Castle "in Ultra HD on the web. Until recently, such rips with Ultra HD resolution didn't really exist. Concentrated publications by various torrent groups show, however, that something must have changed here.

Insider suspects weak point

So far, online streams and especially Ultra-HD content have mostly been protected by the so-called "" High-Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection "for short HDCP. In version 2.2 this streaming copy protection is actually considered reliable, now pirates seem to have it The unofficial publications that have now emerged are, according to the information available, real 4K files that were tapped on both Amazon and Netflix.

As an insider told TorrentFreak, the pirates are currently probably using a vulnerability in Amazon's Fire TV, among other things. The streaming device is equipped with an outdated HDMI 1.4b interface that only supports HDCP 1.2 and is capable of outputting 4K content at 24 frames per second. As heisein his current report on the 4K leaks on the Internet, it is conceivable that the pirates tap the signals here with the help of HDCP crackers that are illegal in this country. In any case, there is currently no evidence that the DRM measures of Amazon and Netflix themselves have been cracked. Netflix, TV series, Jessica JonesNetflix

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