How to write manifestation lists

New moon ritual for manifestation

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The new moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle. A good time to release your own wishes, goals and longings for manifestation with a new moon ritual.

While the full moon cycle is a suitable time to clean up old ways, the new moon phase is optimal for planning and sowing our intentions. Seedlings take time before they break through the soil and reach for the sunlight. This also applies to the growth of our ideas and to paving the way so that our visions can surface and become our new reality.

The dark side of the moon with its mysterious, invisible forces offers a nurturing environment in which our longings can take root. Our desires begin to sprout and reach for the stars as the moon continues its cycle.

Wish “right”

It is best of all to prepare for the new moon ritual of manifestation by doing during the new moon phase a few minutes every month for your wishes plan. This helps for the great ritual to clear your head, to collect hope, but also to see what is changing.

When it comes to, Setting goals or planning the future, there is no better time to start than the new moon phase. Intentions and desires that are spoken out loud or written down on paper have power, so please be careful with your wishes and consider the consequences carefully.

The proverb "Be careful with what you wish it could come true" is a good guide when it comes to manifestation. (Simple but effective example to illustrate: “I want to get a lot of money this week!” Could in the worst case “wish for” a death with a great inheritance).

But don't worry, the moon has its phases, just like we have different wants and needs from time to time. It is not always “bad” to make a mistake when making a wishTurning the new moon wishes into a fixed, monthly ritual and to see what changes parallel to the lunar cycle, what recurs and what is allowed to go (at full moon).

Preparations for your new moon ritual for manifestation

You can prepare for the New Mon ritual throughout the month. Last but not least, by taking time every day to realign yourself and set intentions for the day. You can also buy a moon (phase) calendar * or note the moon phases in an existing calendar. Allow around 20-30 minutes or more for your new moon ritual.

Gemstones for manifestation
Suitable gemstones for manifestation and wishes are, for example: tourmaline, gold, rose quartz, carnelian or magnesite. You can buy gemstones here * or here *, for example
But you can also take your birthstone or a stone that supports your wish (example: financial support -> combination of yellow sapphire, phenakite and cinnabar).
In addition, you can put a crystal grid *. An inverted triangle, for example, can also be used for manifesting.

As has often been said: each of us works differently and accordingly has different approaches, expectations and wishes for rituals. It is important that you pay attention to your needs and see what suits you best. My ideas for a ritual are intended as inspiration to help you develop your own ritual. There is nothing you can do wrong. Everything that feels right to you IS right.

Helpful utensils for a new moon ritual can be:

Earth & center

When the new moon rises, it will be time to take action. If you have had enough time in the last few days to think about your wishes, goals and longings - GREAT! If not, take a few minutes to think about it.

You can, if you like, before your new moon ritual take a cleansing bath made from sea salt and wild herbs. While you are enjoying your bath, you can prepare for your ritual and finally set your intentions.

After the bath, you can start cleaning the place where you want to do the ritual, but also the environment and yourself. You can do the whole thing with a meditation, an incense, a prayer or magic - see what suits you best.

I personally prefer smoking herbs and can recommend the smoking mixtures from DieKräuterwerkstatt * for beginners. You can also collect many native wild herbs for smoking yourself and turn the collection into a ritual. In my articles "How do I recognize wild herbs?" and "Books on Edible Wild Herbs" will give you some inspiration.

Supportive Herbs & Resins
For wishing & letting go:

For luck:

For cleaning:

For protection & defense:

To oracles:

For meditation:

For strength & knowledge:

For harmony & love:

The indicated healing effects do not serve as guidance for therapy or diagnosis.

You can also light one or more candles. When choosing the candles, you can also pay attention to their colors (green stands for prosperity, red for love & passion, etc.), they can support your wishes.

Take the time to ground yourself and your thoughts by taking root in your mind.Here I have written in detail about it. Take a few deep breaths, calm down, and center your mind. If you find that you are still excited and need to get rid of something, then meditate, dance wild, or do something else that is good for you to arrive in the here and now. The goal is to clear your mind. All that matters is this moment.

Formulate your intentions

The first step in manifesting your new moon intentions is to have them to formulate clearly. You can do this orally by saying it out loud. But many find it more helpful and understandable to write them down. I have my own journal for my lunar rituals, in which I record everything that is close to my heart. The writing down concretizes the wish and gives you the opportunity to look again and again in the coming time and to keep it in mind.

On the other hand, it also gives you the opportunity to review your records in a few months or years and see what has changed. Often we only perceive the wish fulfillment when we stumble over our (already fulfilled) wish. At least that's how I feel. That's why I always write down the date in my journal.

Under that I write down my wishes and sometimes a sentence, an affirmation or anything else that is important to me. How many wishes you write down doesn't matter. It can be one, but it can also be five pages full of wishes. Do not deny yourself your wishes. Not even the wishes that seem unrealistic to you. It is good to have wishes.

While wishing, you can also include objects or other symbols that support or even belong to your dreams. See how you can incorporate the four elements, symbolic herbs, cards, candles and other objects into your personal ritual. I also decide anew every time what feels right and good for me.

If I have wishes that burn particularly on my soul and that are very important to me, I take the opportunity to to physically send my wishes out into the world. You can do that by burning your wish (s), writing them on a tree leaf and burying them in the ground with fresh seeds, or by writing them on a piece of wood and throwing it into a river.

Follow your progress throughout the month. What is changing? Which new paths are opening up? How do you feel? What can you do to help wish fulfillment? It is best to keep a diary (here I also use my lunar journal, see above) and write down everything, even the small successes want and may be celebrated.

When a wish comes true

If one of your wishes has come true over time, don't just cross it off the list. Take the time to completely rewrite the list and remove the already manifested item from the list. Updating your main list in this way will help you keep focusing on your desires that have not yet materialized and at the same time seeing what is good is going on.

Of course, you can also add new wishes to the new list and reformulate old wishes so that they fit better into your life and the current situation. As mentioned above, it is completely normal for our desires to change over time.

You can use a second notebook as a Manifestation scrapbook (I just bought a photo album *). There you can glue, inscribe or draw pictures of objects that you want to manifest. Basically, it's like a vision board, just as a long-term project that you can get creative with over and over again. I find this form of manifestation particularly beautiful because the book is growing and constantly changing.

Set new intentions

Every month at the new moon, make sure to reset your intentions by updating the list with your personal ritual. You start all over again, with a new, blank page. Ignore everything that no longer suits you or has not yet worked and start from scratch.

In any case, avoid crossing things out on an old list or adding new wishes to the end of an old list. We don't want chaotic energies to get in our way and mess something up.

No wish is trivial

Don't be shy, the manifestation list to fill with small wishes that can be fulfilled quickly. For example, a nice walk, a break with friends, a good lunch with your partner. Wishes are important, no matter how “trivial” they may seem to you.

While they may be less of an effort to manifest, they are worth writing down. So really write EVERYTHING down, no matter how big or small it may be. If it makes you happy, it matters.

Manifesting small things creates a steady flow of qi and gives your list a decent boost. Every manifestation creates energy and therefore movement - a natural ebb and flow of the tides. After all, we are dealing with the lunar cycle here 🙂 So another reason why every wish is worthwhile and important.

Also, we sometimes forget to appreciate the little joys in our life while we wait for something big to happen. If you just write down, "I want to win the lottery," you are limiting yourself by not letting this form of abundance flow to you in other ways.

Manifestation successes

From my own experience, I know that wishes large and small can come true, no matter how improbable they are. By the way, for me it's not about some magical, higher power doing the work for me. The manifestation is (from my point of view) nothing more than an alignment to the essentials. As a result, I “automatically” walk the path that is good for me and sometimes make unconscious decisions that serve my wishes.

For example, I have repeatedly manifested my independence. In the wrong way for a long time (“I don't want to be employed anymore.” “I want to make the blog my main job”), but at some point I got the hang of it and it came true, because I have made it clear to myself what I need to fulfill this wish and to take the step.

But many other wishes that I have manifested in recent years have also successfully come true. This includes my own book 100 days of self-discovery *, my soul words * and many of my developments and changes. I find the topic super exciting and I always look forward to discovering everything that is possible.

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