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The theory test - prerequisite for the practical driving test


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  1. Hello,

    Is it correct that if you fail the theory test you have to pay a kind of “fine” in addition to the registration fee?

    • Hello Jacob,

      You can take the exam if you have completed the minimum number of theory lessons. It can be completed at the earliest three months before reaching the minimum age for the desired driving license class.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

    • Hello Konrad,

      depending on which category a question falls into, the points of failure are determined. The theoretical questions have a certain value, which is expressed in error points if the answer is incorrect. The maximum number is five failure points for a question. Right-of-way questions have such a value If two questions in this category are answered incorrectly, the candidate has failed.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  2. Hello, I have a question, I have already passed the theory, unfortunately it would now be 12 months and then I would have to do it again, but I was sick quite often, I'm depressed and I'm afraid of driving, 12 months also apply or there may be a small extension. Kind regards

    • Hello Verena K,

      As a rule, you only pay the fees for the practice for each lesson. Please inform yourself about this at the driving school.

      The editors of Bussgeldkatalog.org

  3. Hello,
    my son will be 17 years old in March 2018.
    At the moment he is still a learner driver and would like to acquire class A1. He has already passed the theory test for it .. and completed all compulsory driving hours ..
    But due to the weather, the practical test will not take place until spring 2018 ..

    Could my son use this passed theory A1 for the acquisition of the B driving license or
    would he have to take another theory test for B?

    If yes & he might not pass “Theory for B”,
    could one then “withdraw” the theory or the driving license A1 from him, since there would still be a trial period ..?

    I would be grateful for a reply, mfG remain

    • Hi H.,

      For the class B driving license, different knowledge is required than for the class A1, which is why a new theoretical test is necessary. If he does not pass the exam on the first attempt, this has no effect on previously taken exams.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  4. Hello, regarding the question of April 14, 2017, I wanted to ask whether the embargo was lifted in 2008? I felt like I read that!
    Please help! Thanks !

  5. Good day,

    Unfortunately I screwed up my theory test today, now I have this waiting time of 2 weeks.

    However, my driving school is of the opinion that it is required by law to have to attend 2 more theory lessons so that I can or may receive the necessary training certificate which I need to take the test. Is that correct?

    Another point, my driving school requires 114.90 € to take the exam again, that in addition to the 22.49 € exam fees there are also processing fees is understandable, but do these really amount to 92.41 €?

    I look forward to an early reply.

    With best regards

    Sven Dehner

    • Hello Sven D.,

      the amount of the fees is determined by the respective driving school or the authority. If in doubt, you can ask a traffic law attorney for assistance.

      The editors of Bussgeldkatalog.org

  6. Hello everybody,
    my question is aimed at the theoretical lesson, how does it have to be held?
    I am currently doing a driver's license extension from CE to D. According to my calculation, I need 14 theory lessons of 90 minutes each.
    I am taking a 3-day intensive course for the theoretical part. In this course we spend around 2.5 full hours in the driving school with a driving instructor. Then it goes for us in the driving school bus, another driver who is just receiving lessons on this bus. The driving instructor naturally concentrates on practical lessons and is therefore not available for theoretical lessons.
    Are the hours that we other learner drivers spend on the bus as theoretical lessons with regard to the compulsory lessons.
    I am grateful for a quick answer.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Michael,

      To the best of our knowledge, this time should not be assessed as a theoretical lesson. You can obtain more detailed information from the driving instructor associations.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  7. Hello
    I have an Albanian driver's license and have been in Germany for 10 months.
    I had to take a theory and practice exam. Theory exam is so difficult for me because I don't have any German.

    • Hello Disha,

      unfortunately we cannot help you in this regard. English courses are sometimes offered if you have problems with German.

      The bussgeldkatalog.org team

  8. Hello, I'm Persian and I started my driver's license in February last year. Unfortunately, there are still no Persian questionnaires for the exam and that's why I haven't passed my exam yet. How long is the application valid for registration? I was told that when 1 year is over, I have to pay a fee again, registration fee. You have to pass the theory test within one year.

    MFG Mohamad

    • Hello Mohamad,

      to the best of our knowledge, the fee for the theory test is due for each attempt. If necessary, ask the test center.

      The editors of Bussgeldkatalog.org

  9. I still have 5 days to submit my theory test, I did not pass it today with 18 error points. The man at the exam says that I should come back after 2 weeks ..
    But I don't have the time. But I keep hearing that if you have taken 2 theory lessons you can take the theory test again without waiting 2 weeks. Is that correct ?

    • Hello Esra,

      § 18 of the Driving License Ordinance (FeV) stipulates that a failed test may generally not be repeated earlier than after two weeks have elapsed.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  10. I have my second theory exam on Thursday and my driving instructor said I have to pay 90 €, unfortunately I don't know what this amount is based on. I had to pay more than 22 € the first time.

    • Hello Orestis,

      the costs vary from driving school to driving school. The question of what the amount is made up of can only be answered by your driving instructor.

      The editors of Bussgeldkatalog.org

    • Hello Benny,

      With the CE driving license you have to expect 30 questions in the theory test. If there are eleven or more points of failure, you failed.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  11. After passing the theoretical exam, is there a waiting time for the practical exam or can I register for the practical exam after passing the theoretical exam?

    • Hello Angela,

      As you can see from the text above, you will receive a confirmation after passing it. You can then take the practical exam - provided you meet all the requirements. You can get more information from your driving school.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

    • Hello Susanne,

      yes, in principle you are free to change the driving school. Different rules may apply depending on the driving school.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  12. Hello, my son passed the A1 theory. He's doing the practice right now. Next year in January he will be 17 and should also get his driver's license when he is 17. We were told he doesn't have to do the whole theory all over again. We are interested in how it is actually handled?
    Many Thanks.
    LG S. Neumann

    • Hello,

      When the driver's license is extended, the basic material is usually reduced, and the theory test is usually less extensive. You can get more information from a driving school.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  13. I have a question about the cost of the theory test for the class B driving license (AUTO). Is it allowed for the driving school to also charge a fee for the theoretical test? We are supposed to pay the amount of 60.00 euros. In addition to the TÜV fees.

    With best regards
    Monika F.

  14. Hello,
    My question is, if I have passed the theory test for class B, can I already drive a class AM moped? So one that drives 50ccm and 45km / h.
    Thank you for an answer
    With best regards

    • Hello Moritz,

      the driver's license is only valid once all tests have been passed and the document has been received.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  15. Hello,
    the theory lessons expire after 2 years ... eg. I had my first theory lesson on July 1st, 2016 so does my complete theory run off on July 1st, 2018? Or after the last theory lesson because my last one was on 09/01/16, so it would mean that it expires on 09/01/18 ...
    Please answer

    • Hello Sarah,

      According to Section 16 (3) FeV, the date of issue of the certificate for the hours completed must not be more than two years ago on the day of the examination. So it does not depend on the individual hours, but on the point in time at which the training certificate was issued. You can get more information from your driving school.

      The editors of bussgeldkatalog.org

  16. Hello..
    If you failed the theory test 3 times, do you have to wait 3 months or only 14 days? Thank you, LG