Which websites have the best vacation packages

The 6 best bargain portals at a glance

The new year has started and for a large part of the population it means work, work, work. Once the working day has returned, most of them already dream of the next vacation or the idea of ​​simply diving in and being able to relax in the course of this. Controlled by this thought, one often goes to portals that offer short trips at the lowest possible cost. But which portal offers us the travel bargain with the best price-performance ratio? As a result, the first step is to discuss the general shopping behavior of Germans. Then we take on the analysis of 6 selected bargain portals and examine with which intuition they scour the Internet for price and performance-oriented travel bargains. We then give recommendations on how to find a bargain successfully.

The general shopping behavior of Germans

The procedure is actually very simple: you go to the supermarket, buy the food you want, go to the checkout and leave the store again. According to a survey, we experience this everyday situation as particularly stressful if it is not designed in our favor. In this context, we are only satisfied with a purchase if it is carried out quickly and easily and nothing bothers us. In times of economic crisis one would assume that we tighten our belts significantly and reduce our consumption. However, the opposite is true. We spend the same amount of money, but with a differentiated approach.

Pronounced tendency to save

Accordingly, we make every purchase according to the principle of "save as much as possible". For this one accepts to visit several shops only to be able to hold the cheapest offer in the end. Furthermore, it is considered very annoying if the desired product is sold out or no longer available. But especially long queues at the checkout are also perceived as very annoying. The pronounced thrift of the Germans can also be seen with regard to the shopping area. Accordingly, discount stores are mostly used for the purchase of daily groceries. You don't shy away from buying No Name products.

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Bargain portals 2015

Due to the fact that all purchases as well as vacation planning are made with enormous savings euphoria, Testsieger-Berichte.de has taken on the topic of "bargains" and examined the service focus of selected bargain portals more closely. In order to be able to better compare the portals with one another, we limited our analysis to 5 bargain portals, which were examined according to the following criteria:

Services: If you plan to travel, you want to call up a website that covers all the details to be dealt with, such as flights, hotels or rental cars. In this regard, we have examined the portals' web presence more closely with regard to their range of services.
Extras: Once the various services have been successfully booked, the majority of travelers often wonder, depending on the travel destination, which things need to be considered when entering or staying in the destination country. In this context, we inspected the appearance of the various portals for the existence of certain advice, tips and tricks for the vacation stay.
Prices: Since the consumer is always toying with the cheapest travel offers, we have looked at the way in which the various travel bargain portals guarantee and also give low price guarantees.

Based on these characteristics, a closer look was taken into the savings concept of the following bargain portals:

In general, all 6 bargain portals stand out with a holistic variety of services, which give the former travel dream a real touch. They all offer the option of booking a vacation consisting of a flight, hotel and rental car. The difference in their business concepts lies in the approach to their bargain hunt and the additional services that the consumer can expect in addition to booking his perfect vacation.

Holiday pirates - the dream vacation is the program

The professionalism of the bargain search that Urlaubspiraten.de shows (WZ about the pirates) comes to the fore because they approach a differentiated search method in each area of ​​their portal.
If you want to book a flight with a visit to Urlaubspiraten.de, you can be sure to find not only bargains from low-cost airlines such as Easyjet or Ryanair among the offers. The holiday pirates do not concentrate solely on scouring flight offers from well-known low-cost airlines. Rather, they also look at offers from well-known airlines such as Lufthansa, British Airways etc. and represent a holistic view of the flight offers. Furthermore, they not only look at cheap offers of a normal flight, but also go a step further by including open-jaw flights in their search, which often combined with a train journey offer cheaper flight offers than the low-cost airlines.

What is an open jaw flight?

Open jaw flight, also known as Open Jaw Flight, describes a type of flight where the place of departure is not identical to the place of arrival.

Holidays should awaken the character of comfort and wellbeing

In contrast, they also focus on finding trips. In this context, they offer a wide range of trips in a wide variety of categories such as luxury vacations, all inclusive package tours, last minute or do-it-yourself trips. When searching for suitable travel offers, the focus is not only placed on the price; the quality and price-performance ratio of the respective travel offer are also examined. Because Urlaubspiraten.de it is important that the interested party can escape the everyday existence when booking a trip and accordingly allows the limited time in paradise to have a 100 percent effect on them.

Only hotels that have already been rated are offered

When you book accommodation, you should book the one that meets your needs and provides the feel-good factor. Only hotels that have already been visited by hotel guests and rated accordingly attract the attention of the bargain portal. In addition, the ratings of the rooms with regard to their cleanliness and size, the hotel location as well as the food and the opinions of the staff are subjected to a closer analysis. In addition to standardized hotel accommodation, holiday pirates also concentrate on the search for wellness offers and offers for romantic accommodation. In addition to the promotion of cheap offers, they also provide information about arrival and departure options as well as surcharges for additional bookings of people.

Mobility on vacation is ensured

In addition to the offer of the holiday, the holiday pirates also see it as their duty to take care of the appropriate mobility. In the course of this, they present the cheapest rental offers and give advice on how a car can be rented as cheaply as possible. In addition, there are also offers for car sharing with the best price-performance ratio.

Friends of culture also get their money's worth

For those who are on the hunt for bargains around culture and entertainment instead of the holiday madness, the “Other” section has some bargain offers ready. In addition to musical offers such as Dirty Dancing, visitors can also expect tickets for activities such as amusement parks, zoos, exhibitions, etc. Furthermore, Urlaubspiraten also presents offers on cheap transport options such as long-distance buses or Deutsche Bahn.

Search mask for more individuality when looking for a bargain

If that's still not enough for you, you can plan your vacation trip with a touch of individuality by filling and filtering the search mask “Search & Book” with the individual criteria.

In the worst case, write your own travel description

If the self-selected travel offers as well as those of the search engine do not appeal, there is the possibility to send an inquiry to the travel community. The best way to do this is to write an individual travel description that should provide information about what the planned trip should look like. On the basis of this description, suitable travel offers are selected and suggested. In addition, the travel community makes it possible to ask questions about certain hotels etc. and to exchange experiences among the members.

Numerous attractive extras

In addition, the holiday pirates also maintain partnerships with companies that represent a similar sense of economy:

MyDealz is a community that has set itself the task of finding, reporting and evaluating deals, vouchers and offers.
Voucher collectors are a community that collects voucher codes and discount codes, examines them in terms of currency and validity and then makes them available to everyone free of charge with and without registration.
Abosgratis.de is a portal dedicated to comparing magazines from numerous retailers and categorizing them according to price and premium upon receipt of order.
Chillmo.de could be interesting for all fans of the gaming world. This is an online magazine on the subject of video games and films, which deals with cheap shopping options and the development of video games.

As diverse as the range of services offered by holiday pirates appears, you quickly notice that they have specialized in almost every area and have not neglected the international focus. Thus, their service is not limited to Germany, but also in many other countries such as Austria, Great Britain & Ireland, USA, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland as well as France and Russia.

Holiday guru - it has to be comfortable but also cheap


If the project for the next summer vacation is waiting for the planned travel date to be set and the bargain portal Urlaubsguru.de is asked about this, the interested party can be sure that an all-in-one solution will be presented to them. This consists of the outward and return flight, accommodation as well as transfers and meals. So that you can start your vacation full of satisfaction, Urlaubguru pays attention to the latest hotel reviews when searching, which can be viewed on portals such as holidaycheck.de and tripdvisor.de. The package tours are classified into different categories such as luxury, family travel and single:

Luxury: all hotels are included here that not only have the appropriate number of stars, but also offer the desired quality at the most acceptable price possible.
Family travel: Here, Urlaubsguru presents the best trips for both large and small families. Since the holiday times are very different from state to state, several offers are selected so that everyone really gets their money's worth.
Single: If you travel as a single, you often have to pay a corresponding surcharge for accommodation in your room. In the course of this, Urlaubguru examines all offers and presents those that have no hidden additional costs.

Short trip with the highest level of comfort

If there are those who want to go on holiday, people who are more likely to be carried away on a short trip, the portal also has the right solution here. In the short trip, Urlaubguru concentrates on trips that have a minimum duration of 5 days and the flight as well as the accommodation are included in the travel price. The accommodation should also have good ratings and be centrally located in the resort. In addition to exploration trips, offers for party and shopping trips and longer city trips can also be found in this section.
Luxury: Urlaubguru concentrates on short trips that require accommodation of at least 5 stars and luxurious furnishings.

Hotel with low price guarantee

If the hotel booking is made with the bargain portal, the holiday guru guarantees a hotel room at the cheapest price. In the process, Urlaubguru scours numerous websites for the best hotel bargains.

Luxury: The focus here is primarily on 5 star hotels regardless of where they are located.
Wellness: All hotels that offer excellent wellness oases and give you enough space to recharge your batteries and relax get the attention of the holiday guru.

Flights departing from easily accessible departure airports

If the flight booking is to be placed in the hands of the vacation guru bargain portal, it will present the right flight for every project, be it a long-haul flight or a short trip. When analyzing the offers, the focus is mainly on flights departing from German departure airports such as Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf etc. or at least in neighboring countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands or Austria. Furthermore, Urlaubguru informs about current discount campaigns of the airlines.

Wide range of additional bargains

Under the heading Travel Specials, Urlaubguru summarizes all those activities that go beyond the standard of a usual holiday booking. For example, the focus of the search is on offers that enable you to take your four-legged friend with you, for example, or also make it possible to visit a musical in combination with an overnight stay in a hotel. But trips that only allow portability to the destination country are also targeted in connection with Fly & Drive. In addition, tips and tricks on the subject of travel are presented. In addition, Urlaubguru also provides information about bargains on cruises, active holidays and amusement parks.

Special travel bargains at Christmas time

A cooperation with the partner travelbird ensures that in the period from December 1st to December 24th of each year exclusive travel bargains are presented, such as short trips, hotel vouchers or package tours.
Urlaubguru sees itself not only as a travel blog but also as a magazine. In this context, the readers are provided with the latest news on trips, travel tips and sights of popular travel destinations. There is also the option to share your own experiences with the whole world by writing the appropriate contribution.

Possibility of individual travel searches

With their travel agency 2.0 service they give every reader the opportunity to make individual inquiries about specific travel plans. The team then takes care of finding the right dream trip.

Vacation hero - cheap but also unique


If you would like to make the metropolises of the world unsafe, you can be sure that you will find the right trip with a certain entertainment factor via the bargain portal Urlaubsheld.de. Urlaubsheld presents the best trips at affordable prices. They offer a comprehensive vacation package made up of the following categories:

Beach: Urlaubsheld has numerous offers for sun-kissed travelers. When putting their deals together, they focus on ensuring that each destination has the beach options that they want. When looking through the various offers, almost anyone interested will find what they are looking for, as Urlaubhereld does not set any upper or lower price limits.

Flight: Going on vacation as comfortably as possible is the motto of Urlaubsheld. Therefore, when putting together your deals, make sure that the trips are from within Germany and easily accessible departure airports. If, on the other hand, a super deal is shown that goes to an external departure airport, Urlaubsheld presents the fastest or cheapest way to the departure airport.

Package tour: Holiday hero stands for enjoying the holiday with all its amenities to the full. When booking a package tour with a vacation hero, the vacationer can rely on the fact that he is booking a well-organized trip that leaves nothing to be desired. So that nothing stands in the way of pure rest and relaxation on vacation, only hotels are selected that have received excellent reviews from tripadvisor.de and holidaycheck.de.

Hotel: recover completely from the stress of everyday life. This is possible if the hotel booking is made via the Urlaubsheld.de portal. Because Urlaubhereld guarantees that your selected hotels provide that certain feel-good factor. Only hotels that can shine with top ratings are included in their selection.

Bus trips: Bus travel has become the best means of getting around in the low-cost sector. Urlaubsheld has recognized this and added bus travel to its portfolio. From time to time the cheapest bus trips across Europe are presented there.

Premium: For those for whom no price is too expensive to escape the stress of everyday life for a few days, Urlaubhereld offers a multitude of different holiday offers in their premium range.There are no limits to the wishes and dreams, so Urlaubhereld only accepts those offers that convey that certain feeling of luxury to the interested party.

Experiences like with Jochen Schweizer

Regardless of the vacation category, vacation hero pays attention when putting together their deals that they are marked with a certain extraordinary or uniqueness, which the travel enthusiast will not find a second time. While all other bargain portals bring their offers to men as bargains, Urlaubheld goes one step further. In the course of this, Urlaubsheld not only presents a holiday bargain, but, according to Jochen Schweizer, an experience that the traveler will not soon forget.

What can you experience in the different metropolises of the world?

In addition to the compilation of the deals, Urlaubsheld provides information in their blog area about the various events and activities that can be undertaken in the different metropolises of the world.

Become part of the community

In addition, the bargain portal offers the opportunity to immortalize yourself with your own vacation photos with the hashtag #urlaubsheld and to become part of the vacation hero community.

Reisehugo - quick overview of the best travel deals

While the previous bargain portals inform prospective customers with the highest level of professionalism about their approach to the bargain search and current bargains, Reisehugo does not provide any information on how they are looking for their bargains. Reisehugo specializes in bargains in the categories of flights, hotels, packages, last minute and specials. In its travel blog, the portal presents tips of the day as well as general information on selected travel countries. In addition, those who are spoiled for vacation can find out about their experiences in the travel destination in the blog after they return home.
With the illustration of a world map, those interested can access the travel offers of the respective country by clicking on a specific region.

Travelcloud - Travel yourself individually

If the travel project is to be implemented with Travelcloud, the interested party can choose from a variety of options such as package tours, city trips, wellness, flights and offers under 100 euros.

If you want to book a package tour via Travelcloud you should be prepared for the fact that the bargain presented is an offer from the largest package holiday platforms. If the offer does not match your own preferences, the search criteria can be modified as you wish.

Multiple options for booking a city break

If the planning of a city trip is the responsibility of Travelcloud, Travelcloud always guarantees the cheapest offer. There are several variants to choose from for those interested. On the one hand, they can be booked as a package or separately flight and hotel. Ideal travel pleasure for people who want to escape the daily grind for a while. With the desire for relaxation, Travelcloud provides current wellness offers.

Tired of offers and discounts

If you are specifically looking for cheap flights, you should be in the best of hands with Travelcloud. They present the new flight offers and point out current discount campaigns or sales by the airlines.

Flexible booking of hotels

With the promotion of cheap hotels, the travel enthusiast is offered two options. On the one hand, hotel vouchers can be purchased that allow flexible use. But if you are much more determined, you can also opt for the hotel deals, which are booked on a fixed date.

Just get away - cheaper than ever

Travelcloud presents its cheapest offers under the heading “Offers under 100 euros”. Complete city trips with flights, hotels and rental cars can already be booked.
In addition to presenting numerous bargains, Travelcloud also provides information on vouchers and discount campaigns and provides interested parties with tips and tricks about travel. In addition, they also provide information about entry regulations such as the USA, the Caribbean, etc. In their “Hall of Fame” section, they present their past top deals.

Care - top priority when looking for a bargain

In all research activities that Travelcloud carries out, it guarantees a search based on care, in which a minimum level of quality is applied and offers at low price levels are illustrated.

Holiday rebel - start your holiday well thought out and secure

Urlaubsrebell.de's service portfolio focuses on the areas of hotels, travel, flights, rental cars, luxury and vouchers.

Bargain selection with comparison options

Just like all other bargain portals, Urlaubrebell presents the current travel bargains. With their cooperation with booking.com they also offer the option of comparing hotels individually. Furthermore, the hotel offers can also be compared with comparison portals such as trivago.de and discavo.de. Your comparison options in the area of ​​rental cars and flights allow a holistic view of the various offers, but they do not guarantee that the cheapest offer will be found.

A cooperation with urlaub-direkt.com puts you in the favored position of being able to offer extra services such as round trips, holiday apartments, cruises, single trips, departure trips, guides and tours. Furthermore, you give your service as a bargain hunter a personal touch by addressing incoming customer inquiries Edit package tours Put together non-binding travel offers. There are no costs for the interested party.

Useful information for booking a trip

So that the interested party can get a rough overview of the airlines offering them, Urlaubrebell presents the different airlines and shows which advantages and bargains can be obtained with the respective airline. Just as the various airlines present themselves, the various travel portals are also presented in the right light. In doing so, Urlaubrebell generally provides information via the travel portal and shows where cost advantages can be achieved.

Health insurance abroad is important

Last but not least, Urlaubrebell also cares about the well-being of its holidaymakers and presents the most varied forms of travel insurance and also offers the option of taking out travel insurance using a comparison calculator (travel insurance being tested).

Recommendations when looking for a bargain

When it comes to the search for the right bargain, a large part of the population tends to make hasty purchases for fear of not getting their property. But we often notice that these hasty purchases are mostly the result of bad purchases and usually end up at the back and hidden in the closet. With this in mind, it can make sense to heed a few recommendations:

Weigh Before Buying

Before venturing into the actual purchase of the product, it should be considered which channel to use for shopping, whether the Internet or the shop around the corner.

Lowest prices on the internet

The location of the search is decisive for the bargain hunt. Good bargain opportunities are offered by warehouse sales, acquaintances or newspaper advertisements. One medium that is often used to search for inexpensive offers is the Internet. However, there are differences in the product groups. In this regard, game consoles cost 20.3 percent less when shipping online, while cell phones save 9.6 percent. Buying a navigation system online results in a cost saving of 7.6 percent, while buying a printer online brings savings of 6.7 percent.

Choosing the right time

Not only the price is decisive for realizing a bargain, but also the timing. The best time for bargains at the beginning of the season is between January and March. If you want to buy a new bike, the bargain hunt is best in late autumn or early winter. During this time, new bikes are delivered to the dealers so that they want to get rid of the older bikes as quickly as possible and sell them at a bargain price.

Don't ignore the local trade

Even if the internet offers the lower average prices, the local trade should not be underestimated. Because occasionally it happens that shops deliberately undercut the internet prices of their products. Furthermore, the buyer does not have to worry about excessive shipping costs when buying in stores.

Worth the wait

When looking at price developments over time, it often becomes apparent that the prices of the once expensive products are falling and that it is easier and cheaper than ever to get their hands on them. If enough patience is shown, bargains can be realized within a few months.

Always be up to date

If you want to stay informed about bargains at all times, you should consider subscribing to a newsletter. This informs you as quickly as possible via email about price developments and new products.


With the intention of going on vacation as cheaply as possible, it can make sense to search through the offers of various bargain portals. Depending on the portal, a wide variety of offers and discount campaigns can be implemented that would never have existed when using a search option. Due to this fact, it is advisable to make a list of the criteria that the vacation trip should meet and to look specifically at the bargain portals. If the right trip cannot be found among the advertised offers, we recommend sending an individual request to the portal so that the dream vacation can actually be found.