Are there internships for biotechnology in the VIT

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  Posted: 10.04.2008, 09:28 
Guinea pigs

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I wanted to ask everyone how you think about internships in the first semesters. I would like to do a smaller internship over two months during the semester break, but I absolutely cannot assess to what extent this makes sense at the end of the second semester, since the subject-specific knowledge is still limited.

I once read that later when applying, companies prefer to be properly involved in the work processes of a small company than just brewing coffee in a large corporation (Baxter, Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim and whatever they are called).
The problem with this: At the end of the second semester, in my opinion, the specialist knowledge is not sufficient to work fully integrated and large companies seem to prefer more advanced students to make coffee

Now the question arises: Does it make sense to do an internship in the 2nd semester, if so where? Or would you prefer to concentrate fully on your studies at the beginning?

Your opinions and experiences would be of great interest to me. Have you already done internships, if so in which semester and possibly where?

So long, Andi

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Eprouvette shaker

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You can try it ...
But, as I said, without Vit.B it looks bad anyway in the first semesters that someone takes you.

Zmd. According to my experience...

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  Posted: 13.04.2008, 18:40 
Guinea pigs

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Max has to agree with his assessment of the situation in the first semesters!

But I am still convinced that an internship in the summer vacation after the 2nd semester definitely makes sense!
(You have probably made a mistake: when you wrote a 2-month internship in the!? Semester break ?!)

But I think it makes more sense anyway, especially in the bak., Not to "practice" in a company but in a university institution!
Apart from the fact that you only have a tiny little chance of being accepted at almost all companies (unless Vit. B comes into play), you usually learn a lot more at an institute (university) than at a company!
The disadvantage is that you can only expect a good tip, if at all! But it has to be worth it to you if you want to learn something! In any case, you can ask about the salary, because after all, you are doing something!

lg, Thomas

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Eprouvette shaker

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I once read something that you can only do an internship at a university institute if you can submit 3 rejections from companies.

Is that correct?

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Guinea pigs

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Yes, there is such a rule, but I have to correct something a little:

Available in the respective curriculum at ... udien.html
everything that is important for all fields of study can be found at BOKU:

Study plan Bak.-LBT excerpt:
ยง (8) Compulsory Practice
As part of the bachelor's degree, a mandatory internship in relevant industrial companies or in non-university research, testing and examination institutes for a total of two months must be demonstrably completed.
If it is not possible to complete the compulsory internship in the above-mentioned institutions, this can be done within one month after at least five rejections
Sections can be completed through free participation in industrial projects by institutes in the field of study.

But that you can only do an internship at a university institute under these conditions is wrong!
It is only meant in the relevant paragraph that the Boku is more or less obliged to accept the intern if the stated conditions are met.

One tip:
Nevertheless, try to get credit for an internship, even if it was completed at the university. If you not only made coffee during the internship but did something right, you also have a good chance that the non-university rule is not taken so strictly. Because those responsible for the crediting usually know themselves that it is very, very difficult, especially in the bak., To get an internship at a company!

lg, Thomas