What is a true soul mate

Love: These are the signs you can tell that he is your soul mate

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you finally find your prince? That would be an option, but we would rather advise simply paying more attention to the actions and behavior of the partner. Many of us long for great and true love. However, getting there is not easy for everyone. While some find their dream man in their first relationship, others have to go through several phases of breakups and lovesickness. But once you get to know this one person, everything else is quickly forgotten and you can hardly imagine anything better than spending the rest of your life with this person. Such a person is often referred to as a soul mate. Have you met someone new or have been in contact with a potential partner for a while, but want to know whether the relationship could be long-term? We'll tell you which five signs indicate that he is your true soul mate.

1. You understood each other right from the start

Sometimes you meet people in your life who are meant to just stay longer in your little world. Her entry is almost barely noticeable and it feels like you've known her for ages. Getting to know each other goes smoothly and you just notice from the start that you are on the same wavelength. While you first have to "warm up" with other strangers and slowly approach their personality, this phase is completely eliminated when you meet your soul mate. From the first second you feel at ease in the presence of the other person and feel a positive energy that you don't want to lose anymore.

2. Glances are enough

To some people you try to explain in detail and for a long time what you mean or how you feel and they still don't understand it. This problem does not arise with soul mates. Just a quick glance in our direction is enough for you to guess what is going on inside of us. So if you feel sad or depressed and try to cover up this emotion with a smile, your soulmate would still notice and do everything to be there for you and to find out how he can help you. Sometimes the person doesn't even have to be around, but simply calls you at the right moment, for example, as if they knew something had happened. True superheroes. 💕

3. Silence is not a problem

Silence can be uncomfortable for many people. Especially when you are in a room with someone and you have nothing to say to each other. Your mind is buzzing around and you don't know how to act. However, when one person is really your soulmate, you realize that the two of you don't mind the quiet at all. Whether reading a book in bed, driving or cuddling. The silence is suddenly totally pleasant and you could stay like this for hours. Just the fact that the person is nearby, whether on the phone or in the room, is enough to feel safe and secure.

4. You can talk about anything

Everyone has secrets and sometimes doesn't want to reveal certain things or confess to the other. Either because you think the other person might be embarrassed, laugh at you, or maybe even get mad. If you meet your soulmate, you will even feel exactly the opposite. The two of you are more likely to feel the need to tell each other everything openly and honestly, because you can trust each other blindly and there is simply no room for lies or secrets in your relationship. So if he keeps telling you everything and gives you no reason to be skeptical or suspicious, then you'd better not let him go.

5. He brings out the best in you

Of course, no one has to change in a relationship to please the other. Your soulmate knows that too, of course. Therefore, he does not do this on purpose, but always manages to get the best out of you with his way and with a subconscious influence. This can involve different things. You can begin to feel more courageous knowing that you have a loving person by your side who will always be with you. But laughing more and dealing better with problems can also be a positive side effect of a soul mate. When you find that he makes you a happier person in this regard and that you have the same effect on him, you can be sure that you have finally found your favorite person.

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