Why does Facebook keep FriendFeed alive

Microsoft searches Facebook better than Google

Google now also shows status updates from the online network Facebook in the list of results. In this point, however, Microsoft's search engine Bing has the lead.

Google is the undefeated king of internet search and has one of the most important online areas firmly in its hands. In one point, however, Microsoft has the edge with Google competitor Bing: When it comes to integrating the real-time Internet. The reason for this is quickly found: Microsoft recognized the potential of today's largest online network early on, invested and now holds parts of Facebook.

As announced in December, Google started integrating updates from fan pages on Facebook yesterday. However, Google does not have as extensive access to Facebook as Microsoft. Bing also finds status updates from normal profiles, provided that the user's privacy settings do not speak against it. Google is limited to updates from mostly commercial fan sites.

You can try out Google's jump into real-time Internet search currently only on the English-language version of Google.com (for example when searching for "White House"). In order to see updates from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Friendfeed in real time, after a search in the options, the item "Updates" must be selected. The search options can be "expanded" via a small link under the search field.