How do I delete old notifications

Delete Facebook notifications: Here's how


Whether friend requests, event invitations or photo tags: Facebook notifies you of all activities that affect your account. If the information gets out of hand, you can delete your Facebook notifications.

You can specifically delete individual Facebook notifications.

Facebook notifications are a practical feature because they let you know what is happening on the social network. However, for some reasons it can be useful to delete certain notifications. By keeping the news feed as tidy as possible, you always have a better overview of all new notifications.

How to delete Facebook notifications in the browser and in the mobile app

In principle, the procedure for deleting Facebook notifications on the smartphone and in the browser is exactly the same. First read the instructions for the browser:
  1. Sign in to Facebook.
  2. Click on the little bell in the upper right next to the message icon. The notifications are located there.
  3. If you want to delete a notification, hover your mouse pointer over it, then click the three dots that appear on the right.
  4. With "Remove this notification" the message disappears from your history.
You also have the option at the top to mark all messages as read or to make settings about when you want to be notified.

Remove notifications in the app

In the Facebook mobile app, too, the path leads to the bell symbol. Simply hold your finger on an entry there until the option to delete the Facebook notification appears after about a second.

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