Has anyone lost a lot of weight?

5 Weight Loss Success Stories That Will Encourage You (And What You Can Learn From Them)

The one ultimate weight loss trick is… an illusion. It doesn't exist.

And every magazine, book, and diet supplement manufacturer that wants to tell you something different is most interested in your money.

What you really need if you want to lose weight:

  • A "holistic" approach that includes your diet, your everyday life and your living conditions. And this approach is individual for everyone.
  • The absolute will to change something.

Your behavior is largely shaped by habits: which foods you use when shopping, which dishes you prepare, how you react when you are stressed or sad or angry, whether you take the stairs or the elevator - these are all habits .

If you want to lose weight, you have to identify the habits that have prevented it so far - and then replace them with new (better) ones.

Weight loss tips that really work - from people who have successfully lost weight

Neither Daniel nor I have ever been overweight. We therefore cannot give you any weight loss tips from our own experience.

But we can introduce you to five people who have lost weight very successfully in recent years - and not just a few kilos, but at least 25 each!

I am pleased that Judith, Andrea, Michael, Claudia and Philipp took the time to tell us their personal tips for weight loss.

You will see that they all went a little differently.

Judith Riemer: "Put on the right food"

In 2012 Judith still weighed 98.3 kg with a height of 1.73 m. Today her weight has leveled off between 67 and 68 kg.

She summarized her personal "recipe for success" for us:

“There were many factors that helped me lose around 30 kilos.

At first I started eating low calorie foods and running at the same time. Over time I noticed that through regular exercise my body feeling - in other words: what does my body need and how much of it - got significantly better. In this way I was able to completely break away from given nutrition plans and recipes. It was extremely helpful to observe which foods I react to and how.

I've found that some things I eat a lot and still don't feel full, while other foods don't take that much to feel full and satisfied. Of course, I had to try out a few things and put new foods on the menu.

For example, I noticed that I can eat white wheat noodles until I drop and then, although over-eaten, I am not full. The same doesn't happen to me with wholemeal spelled pasta or brown rice. I eat a lot less, but at the same time feel satisfied and full.

It was also important that I changed the proportions of my dishes so that the carbohydrate-rich side dishes really became side dishes - the majority of my meals consisted (and still consists of) vegetables.

It's the same with sweets: cookies and chocolate only make me satisfied for a short time - if I eat dates with nut butter (which, by the way, doesn't make any difference in terms of calories, on the contrary), I felt very satisfied after just 1-2 pieces.

I really recommend doing some kind of self-experiment and seeing how you feel after eating. Can you stop when you're full - or is what's on your plate so “addictive” that it tempts you to eat a lot more than you really need?

For me it was the beginning of a healthy, self-determined diet. "

If you want to find out more about Judith and her inspiring path, then listen to our podcast episode with her: Fall in love not only with your goal, but also with the way there

You can find Judith's blog veganmarathon here.

Andrea Klein: "Having a goal that inspires you"

Andrea weighed 95 kg in 2010. Today the doctor weighs only 62 kg and is currently training for her 5th long-distance triathlon (often referred to as the "Ironman"), which she will start on July 9th in Frankfurt.

For many years Andrea struggled with her weight. In retrospect, it helped her most to have a specific goal in mind: she had set it in her head to finish a marathon one day.

It used to seem like a utopian idea, more like a dream. Andrea motivated this goal to stick with it and never give up. With success!

But at the very beginning there was a relentlessly honest inventory for Andrea in order to get to the real reason for her weight problems.

Today Andrea is convinced that being very overweight always has a psychological background. And tracking it down requires weeks or months of work on yourself, ideally in combination with psychological support.

This is time-consuming, exhausting and often produces things that one would rather suppress.

In Andreas eyes, this inventory is the only sustainable way to lose weight and maintain the desired weight permanently.

"As individual as the reasons for being overweight are, the path to your desired weight must be just as individual," says Andrea.

If you want to find out more about Andreas Weg, then listen to our podcast episode with her: You have to fight! Andrea's way to the Ironman

Micha Klotzbier: "Lose weight with fun and health"

Michael "Micha" Klotzbier weighed 160 kg in January 2015 with a height of 1.83 m. He lost 50 kg within 9 months and finished the Berlin Marathon in September 2016.

How did he do it?

First, Micha left the car and got on his bike for his way to work. So we got together 20 km a day.

He has also integrated even more exercise into his everyday life with Nordic walking and aqua jogging. These three sports were a very good choice because they put little or no stress on the joints. Switching directly to running shoes with a BMI of 47 would not have been a good idea in this regard!

Only when Micha had already lost the first kilos in this way and got his body used to regular exercise did he start running.

Overall, it was important for Micha that his weight loss project shouldn't be a snap action. Rather, he wanted to lose weight “with fun and health” - that's how he told me during our phone call.

But the sports program was only part of his plan.

The other part was a radical change in his diet: there was no more sweets, no more fast food and no sugared drinks such as soft drinks. In addition, Micha avoided carbohydrates in the evening. He didn't count calories - the pounds tumbled anyway.

You can find out more about Micha's path in our podcast episode with him: From 160-kilo man to marathon finisher

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Claudia Renner: "You need positive people who support you"

Anyone who thinks that you automatically lose weight with a vegan diet is seriously mistaken. My friend Claudia Renner is an example of how it doesn't work that way.

In January 2011, Claudi switched from a long-term vegetarian diet to vegan without any significant weight changes. Until spring 2014. Suddenly something changed and it increased. In autumn 2014 the scales were 80 kg (Claudi is 1.62 m tall). And Claudi knew that it couldn't go on like this.

Understandably, the weight bothered her. After a few experiments that did not bring the desired success, she nailed it in June 2016 and turned her life completely upside down.

Today she weighs 55 kg and is happy. The three tips that helped her the most:

  1. Put together a team. Losing weight is really easier together. I have three friends, scattered from Warburg via Freiburg to Vienna.
  2. You need positive people to support you. Losing weight put my friendship to the test. It is important to learn that other people's fears, worries and experiences are not your own!
  3. Allow days (especially as a woman) when things don't go according to plan. I am not a machine, but an emotional being. To recognize that and to allow cravings from time to time was a relief.

In addition, Claudi strictly counts calories. One book that opened her eyes is Overcome Fat Logic * by Nadja Hermann.

Claudi confirms exactly what Andrea has already said above - and what my experience shows:

"Every person is different. And every weight loss route is different. Even if two people follow the same diet or diet, they will handle it differently.

Therefore I can recommend above all: question yourself and stay true to yourself. Do not be an imitator, but go your way in your time and with your personal well-being. Allow advice from friends, but neither envy nor fear get to you. "

In addition to her well-known vegan blog Claudi goes vegan, Claudia has also been writing a yoga blog for some time. On this page she has summarized her experience with weight loss.

And of course Claudi was also a guest on the beVegt podcast!

Philipp Jordan: "Less sugar and a lot of sport"

Philipp Jordan runs ultra marathons. And podcasts together with his running buddy René on the FatBoysRun podcast. Today he is no longer a “fat boy” - that was once upon a time.

Philipp has lost from 117 kg takeoff weight to 91 kg with the following tips:

  1. No sweetened drinks.
  2. No more sweets in front of the TV in the evening.
  3. And go for a run 😉

One important point, the most important of all for Philipp, is still missing: Philipp fasts regularly. He is not only interested in losing weight, but fasting leads to a change in his appetite and an irrepressible desire for healthy food.

On the subject of fasting, Philipp recommends the book How newborn through fasting * by Hellmut Lützner.

If you want to find out more about Philipp's path, then listen to our podcast episode with him: From “Fat Boy” to passionate ultra runner

Our conclusion

These were the weight loss tips from Judith, Andrea, Michael, Claudia and Philipp. Each of them went their own and very personal path. And yet I see some similarities:

  • All five have questioned and changed their old eating habits.
  • The path to your desired weight was long-term from the start. Nobody was looking for quick successes in the shortest possible time.
  • Despite everything, they did not approach it too tightly: For Micha, for example, it was important to lose weight with fun and health. And Claudi has accepted that things cannot go exactly according to plan every day.
  • A specific goal (such as participating in a running competition and finishing) can move mountains.
  • A combination of exercise and a change in diet has led to success for everyone. So you have turned different areas of your life inside out instead of relying on some “miracle diet”.

I hope that the five stories have given you courage and that you can take new ideas with you. And if you have already lost weight successfully yourself, then I would be happy if you write a comment and share your own experiences and tips with us!

Photo: Maria Ilal / Shutterstock