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shamelessness - Thoughts and reflections. Shamelessness is behavior that is grossly contrary to morality and decency. Shamelessness can be an act of ignoring other people's feelings and actually supposed to be ashamed of you. One speaks of the shamelessness of the exploitation of the poor by the rich. There is talk of shamelessness when people go to the sauna without clothes or when young people kiss in public. One can also accuse a person of shamelessness if someone systematically disregards the limits of tact, is impudent, brazen and unabashed.

Friendship can be lost with excessive shamelessness

Shamelessness is often used in a sexual context. Shamelessness here has something to do with profanity, sloppiness, lasciviousness and fornication, and it is also connected with lust. So one can speak of shameless lust, of shameless contact with the opposite sex. One also speaks of shameless clothing if one thinks that it offends against good morals. From all of this it becomes clear: What is interpreted as shamelessness is strongly dependent on culture.

Dealing with the shamelessness of others

Shame is a kind of psychological inhibition to enable social coexistence. There are some people who have shamelessness. They don't care about other people's feelings. Some people are shameless in the sense that they speak negatively about the religious beliefs of others. Some are shameless, they dress in ways that are inappropriate. Sometimes it is shamelessness that someone acquires wealth and flaunts it while other people suffer from hunger. There are different degrees of shamelessness. How do you deal with it?

Sometimes it is good to ignore the shamelessness of others. Sometimes it helps in a one-to-one conversation to point out to others that you are hurting the feelings of others. And sometimes you have to take a clear position and advertise that the shameless person can no longer deal with others and can hurt others in this way. Basically start with the smallest means, with empathy and compassion. Sometimes it is enough to send thoughts of light and show friendliness.

Shamelessness in relation to other personality traits

Shamelessness belongs to the group of personality traits, downsides, vices and virtues. To better understand this character trait, let's relate it to others:

Synonyms shamelessness - similar characteristics

Synonyms shamelessness are for example Impertinence, callousness, cheekiness, boldness .

The synonyms can be divided into two groups, those with a positive connotation and those with a negative connotation:

Synonyms with negative connotation

Synonyms that are commonly interpreted as negative are, for example

Synonyms with positive connotation

Synonyms with a positive connation can help to see an apparently dark side positively. Synonyms with positive connotation are for example

Antonyms shamelessness - opposites

Antonyms are opposites. Antonyms, i.e. opposites, of shamelessness are for example Shame, shyness, panic, fear . You can also divide the antonyms, the opposites, into those with positive connotation and those with negative connotation.

Antonyms with positive connotation

Antonyms, i.e. opposites, to a vice, a shadowy side, a negative personality trait, are commonly interpreted as an opposite pole. These can be cultivated in order to overcome the vice, the dark side. So here are some opposing poles to shamelessness that have a positive connotation:

Antonyms with negative connotation

The opposite of a shadowy side, a vice, is not always positive. Here are a few examples of antonyms about shamelessness that are not seen as beneficial:

Properties in the alphabet before or after

Here are some traits that come before or after shamelessness in the alphabet:

Property group

Shamelessness can be counted under the following two groups of characteristics:

Related words

Related words to shamelessness are for example the adjective shameless, the verb shame, and the noun shame.

Whoever has shamelessness is shameless or a shame.

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