How can you become an interior designer

Interior design major

When it comes to interior design and scenography, the focus is on the room, its qualities and the possibilities for staging it. Students deal with the influence of color, light and material on the room atmosphere, but also with acoustics and climate. You will practice freehand sketching, make plans and use computer aided design (CAD). You learn to work with wood and metal, to build models or to deal with planning and construction processes. Theoretical modules are also part of the class, such as "History and theory of exhibiting" or "Documentation of the design process".

A.B., interior design and scenography in the 6th semester at the FHNW University of Applied Sciences.

"I deal with staging rooms."

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Anyone who wants to study interior design or interior design and scenography has a strong interest in rooms and places and their atmospheres, qualities and possibilities. He or she has creativity and is ready to acquire knowledge of art history and craftsmanship. Whether during or after their studies: interior architects deal with specialists from architecture, theater, trade fair construction, digital media, etc. Cooperation is required, so teamwork and communication skills are essential. In addition, the interior design also includes a detail-oriented planning method as well as the creative and efficient handling of the requirements of the client.

Additional requirements

Whether someone is capable and motivated enough to study interior design is clarified in a special and demanding admissions process. The most important elements of this aptitude assessment are previously submitted work (workbook, portfolio), a homework and an aptitude interview or an entrance examination. These elements are handled differently depending on the school.

For admission to this aptitude assessment, a vocational, technical or high school Matura is usually required. In addition, attending a one-year preparatory course (preliminary course) or proof of at least one year of work experience is required, which imparts practical and theoretical knowledge in a profession related to the field of study. This proof does not have to be provided by those who have a basic education with a professional baccalaureate in the area of ​​the desired field of study.

Research topics

The interior design works in various research projects on current problems. An example: Increasingly individualized lifestyles require an adaptation of the living arrangements in old age. A publication with photographs, plans and diagrams of various living situations is intended to help those affected and planners make decisions.

Admission, registration and start of studies

Information on admission to the various universities as well as registration and the start of studies can be found under Admission, Registration, Start of Studies