Would you win a car race

Translation of "win the race" in spanish

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First steal my mares and then mine Win races.
Primero me roban las yeguas y ahora quieren robarme la carrera.
I would do the big one Win races, I was only allowed to ride on Al-Hattal.
Le ganaría a todos en la gran carrera, si me dejaran montar a Al-Hattal.
Everyone wants that Win races, it has to be like that, the viewers have bet heavily.
Los competidores quieren ganar y con razón, hoy la gente hizo grandes apuestas.
I just really want this Win races.
Sólo quiero ganar esto desesperadamente.
When you arrive, you have the country in you Win races.
Al llegar, hay que participar en una carrera.
If Ford wanted to rule racing, it had to be a very specific one Win races.
Ford sabía que si quería gobernar en el automovilismo, sólo había una carrera que importaba.
But Machine Gun Joe still has significantly more points and could do that Win raceseven if he arrives second in Los Angeles.
Parece que Frankenstein va a ser el primero en cruzar la meta pero el coche de Joe Viterbo está en cabeza por puntos y puede ganar Aunque llegue en segundo puesto a la meta.
Some time ago it was like that that if you are a Formula 1 Win races then you took your budget and put your money on a good driver and a good car.
Hace ya algún tiempo, si uno quería ganar una carrera de Fórmula 1, tomaba un presupuesto y lo apostaba a un buen piloto y un buen coche, y si el coche y el piloto eran lo suficientemente buenos, uno ganaba la carrera.
You would have this Win races can.
A human will Win races.
No, el ganador del Bucle de Kon Garat será un Humano pura-sangre.
Tailor Maid will Win races.
A la llegada, Tailor maid estaba delante.
I wanted this Win races, not just because of the million.
You should do that Win races, June.
Listen, you have to Win races.
We want one Win races.
I think one of us does Win races got to.
We can do that Win races, I know it.
I know that you got me that Win races have let.
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