How much do label printers cost

Label printer for shipping labels: you should know that!

Shipping label format

Your printer must be set to the size of the shipping labels you are using. When choosing the label format, you should definitely also consider the requirements of your shipping partner. At Sendcloud, we use the standard format DIN A6 for shipping labels.

This format is available in two variants: 25 mm core and 76 mm core. The appropriate core diameter depends on your printer. With a desktop printer, you can easily use the 25 mm core. For an industrial printer, on the other hand, 76 mm labels are more suitable because you don't have to change the roll as often.

Resolution and print speed

In accordance with the great demand for label printers, there is a wide range of products with different price categories and very significant differences in quality. Therefore, you should carefully weigh the price-quality ratio before buying a label printer. Pay particular attention to the resolution and printing speed.

The resolution is important for the quality of your barcode and thus for the legibility of your shipping labels. Printing speed is just as important. With an industrial label printer, your labels can be printed much faster than with a normal label printer. When making your selection, be sure to consider the specific requirements of your e-commerce business!

Printer connection and software

It is also advisable to take a close look at the connections on the printer. Most label printers can be connected via USB, but serial or parallel interfaces (RS-232) and connection via an Ethernet connection are also possible. There are also models that are connected via WLAN or Bluetooth and are therefore more mobile.

And finally, you should consider the availability of drivers for your label printer when making your purchase decision. Not all printers come with a driver for by default Apple devices fitted. This does not mean that such a printer is not compatible with a Mac, but you will need to install additional software for it.