Is love the strongest emotion

The strongest of all feelings

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Photos: Stephanie Fuessenich

It takes hold of us, lets us fly, see the world in different colors and dream unconsciously: love. We would like to recommend a special edition to you. Our first EMOTION.Edition is about the greatest of all human sensations. The texts of the journalists, psychologists and experts are tough - sometimes tough and honest, sometimes thoughtful and searching, sometimes soulful and enthusiastic. We have put together the best on the topic from all EMOTION magazines and follow the five stages of love.


1. Fall in love and love

Is there only one great love? One topic, three opinions
Who fits who? Researched: The motives for finding a partner
What loves each other is annoying The other's quirks
Female, single, looking for ... Our author is looking for the man for life on the Internet
Get off the pink cloud No pedestals please!
What happy couples tell each other "How was your day honey?" is okay, but not enough
Silence is crackling What would love be without secrets?

2. Everyday life

Come on, let's fight The seven rules of conflict
A no for love If you give in, you are on the wrong track
Honestly now No false consideration
Bittersweet luck Semi-happiness or the power of the familiar
This is how love lasts forever A man tells how loyalty works
Realism with the icing on the cake Love and everyday life: questions to the therapist

3. Sex

Do you speak sex? Excite with words
Life is too complicated for sex Nothing going on in bed: stress kills eroticism
Sex Reloaded How to approach lust again
Is Sex Overrated? Unfortunately, no. An interview with the therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer
Do you want to sleep with us? An exciting experiment: four people have sex

4. Jealousy

Secret kisses Why affairs also happen to happy couples
I love two men The story of a conflict
Can jealousy save love? Absolutely - no partnership works without it
How do I tell my partner that I'm having an affair? Smart answers from the behavior therapist

5. Go or stay

The love in mind Men with whom everything fits - just not everyday
Fluctuations are quite normal An expert on when to break up
I don't want to live with you anymore Nobody had expected it: the protocol of a breakup

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