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Europe's oldest online community turns 10

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Blackbox invites you to the anniversary celebration

Vienna (pts033 / 11/13/2002 / 13:27) - The Vienna-based online community Blackbox (http://www.blackbox.net) is celebrating its 10th birthday these days - regardless of a truly biblical age for a network medium which type.

And of course there is also a festival. On November 12th, 1992 the "Blackbox", originally essentially a virtual communication room for various Austrian youth organizations, went online. At that time "on the network" meant that different users could dial into a so-called "first class client" via modem and direct dial-in and read, post and chat there. Long before internet access to the World Wide Web was easily accessible to almost everyone. This first opportunity to use one's own name (because the "real name" principle prevailed and still prevails in the black box - "Hansi69" and "Sugarbabe" have no place there) but still virtually communicate with (initially) unknown people soon struck many in theirs Spell. And there were also some channels into the expanding WWW - for many the first contact of this kind.

Among other things, many disabled groups organized themselves electronically for the first time in the black box, the roots for the "Wickie, Slime and Paiper" wave have their origin here and the Austrian Sado-Maso scene also made its first online attempts here. In addition, the first e-mail address of an Austrian Federal Chancellor was a black box address.

Much has changed since then: meanwhile the black box can be reached regularly on the Internet (http://www.blackbox.net) without a "first class client", the community has passed into the ownership of its users, what is behind the black box The program will be continued as an "Open Source" project and sponsors such as SilverServer and Internet Service Fuchs KEG ensure the technical operation without any influence.

What has not changed is that every day users - 18,000 are registered - come to the black box to chat in a variety of forums on all topics (politics, sports, sex, play on words, technology ...) as well as thoughts and Exchanging information or starting your own discussion group in the "Anarchy" area without any bureaucracy. Or simply to take advantage of the service of the ad-free free e-mail addresses.

Organized as an association for about 1 1/2 years, improvements and extensions have been put online again and again (graphic reform, spam filter, chat) and regular user meetings also lead to personal acquaintance with the community, which is strongly focused on Vienna. Of course there have also been weddings caused by black boxes ... ;-)

To celebrate all of this, there will be a big party at the end of next week:

10 years of Blackbox - the festival
Fri., 11/22/2002 7:30 p.m. - Impuls of Sound - Vienna 6., Gumpendorferstr. 2

Line-Up: griffins (live): "home-brewed alternative rock (with a shot of british flavors)"
DJ K.T. (60's & beats) - DJ Andreas Fazekas (House) - DJ Stefan Neuwinger (Soul, R'n'B)

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