Mitt Romney is a racist

How Mitt Romney suddenly became a role model for the US Democrats

The only one who sided with President Trump's impeachment was an archenemy a few years ago. This shows how desperate the American Democrats are in the fight against Trump.

A single word was enough: "Guilty." This catapulted the Republican Senator Mitt Romney from Utah into the headlines around the world in the final vote in Donald Trump's impeachment. With one word he didn't prevent the president from being acquitted, but he made sure that no one could ever say that the Senate's verdict was along the party lines. This is of course only symbolically important, but the sharpness of the accusations of his party supporters and the praises of his opponents about his steadfastness show: In politics, symbols are sometimes important, very important.

Trump dominates his opponents

Trump is turning many things upside down in Washington, even the optics of his political opponents. Jeff Sessions was actually considered a blatant racist and right-wing extremist law-and-order politician until he showed his backbone in the Russia affair and went on strike as Minister of Justice. John Bolton was one of the most hated war gurgles until he waved a book manuscript and explosive revelations on the Ukraine scandal. And now Mitt Romney. Just a few years ago, as a challenger to President Obama, he was demonized as an incarnation of arrogance who came to prosperity in a questionable way and then insulted 47 percent of the electorate as lazy and beneficiaries of the welfare state.

But since he took their side in impeachment, the Democrats have discovered a straightforwardness in him that they are all too hasty in praising as exemplary. Conversely, of course, he has fallen out of favor in large parts of republican circles. Donald Trump's son of the same name, who likes to present himself as a man for the rough, gave the line and said that Romney should be excluded from the party.

Mitt Romney is forever bitter that he will never be POTUS. He was too weak to beat the Democrats then so he's joining them now.

He’s now officially a member of the resistance & should be expelled from the @GOP.

- Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) February 5, 2020

The President himself took the traditional prayer breakfast on Thursday as an opportunity to openly deny Mormon Romney the religious belief that the Senator had placed at the center of his long reasoning for the impeachment judgment. Romney thus received the same treatment as Nancy Pelosi, who comes from a family with Italian roots and is Catholic. Of course, Trump's words would have a little more weight if he had discovered his Christian faith himself before the 2016 election campaign. But it was about fighting back, which this president has admittedly always had first priority.

Somewhat surprisingly, Romney got the backing of one of the more important MPs in the House of Representatives. Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, said she voted differently than the Senator from Utah. But he is an honorable man who follows his conscience and no one is allowed to question his faith.

Whether Romney's dissidence in impeachment was really just the inescapable consequence of a firm belief can be doubted. For one thing, 52 other senators swore the same oath as he, but came to a different conclusion on the question of guilt, and one will not want to accuse all of godlessness.

Second, Romney's deep dislike of Trump is well documented and mutual. The Senator from Utah is an alpha guy, just like the President, and he was one of the last Republicans before the nomination of Trump in the spring of 2016 to try to resist the party against the “impostor” and “swindler” from New York to organize.

Trump paid him back. He called him the “stupidest Republican candidate” and then, after his election victory, invited him to two interviews about the post of foreign minister. After the second interview, Romney “forgot” his previous, caustic judgment and praised the newly elected full-bodied. The rumor later got around that Trump had only lured him to the post out of revenge, while he had long since promised Rex Tillerson the office.

Terrible week

The Democrats' praise for Romney cannot hide the fact that apart from the defeat in impeachment on Wednesday, they themselves have had a terrible week. Ironically, the party that praises itself as taking responsibility for more justice at the helm of a state with many tasks and powers, demonstrated once again with the Iowa area code on Monday that it can also mess up simpler tasks in a terrific way.

Trump's State of the Union Address on Tuesday broke a host of taboos, but as a television show it was masterfully staged. This often made the Democrats look bad, especially the speaker Nancy Pelosi, who tore up the speech manuscript for everyone to see. She, otherwise washed up, finally fell into Trump's trap and showed herself what she always accuses the president of: she lost her nerve. The Republican campaign videos will fondly remember this scene.