How do trillionaires live

High society rarely lets ordinary people look behind the scenes. But one journalist has now succeeded - with surprising results.

The Rich Kids of Instagram are jetting through the world, pounding on big carts and a lot of bling-bling - but mostly all of this is not earned yourself, but sponsored by the parents or family.

But you see them less in the social networks, they are unusually quiet. How do the top ten thousand really live behind the golden facade? What is the everyday life of a millionaire who has everything but doesn't talk about it?

Millionaires in New York are humble

This is what the renowned daily newspaper wantedNew York Times"Now know and talked to millionaires from all over New York. And the Insight she got into the world of the beautiful and the rich, surprised.

For example, the millionaire Beatrice said: "I'm even removing the label from our six-dollar bread," she says - because she is ashamed. Her housemaid is an immigrant from Latin America, so she doesn't feel comfortable with her millions of dollars. "The decisions that I can make are obscene," said Beatrice.

It seems almost absurdRachel Sherman, a reporter who went on a search for the NYT, says how similar the stories she got to hear are. A designer is said to have confessed to her that he was removing the price tags from purchases and furniture so that they would not see his employees.

Another woman who made € 40 million together with her husband admitted: "Nobody knows how much money we are spending. You're the only person I've ever given an exact number to. "In all of their conversations, Sherman had finally noticed that the super-rich apologized for their abundance or they found it uncomfortable to brag about it.

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Do you want to stay on the carpet? Many millionaires hide their wealth

It allegedly even went so far that some interviewees even counted themselves among the better middle class and described their lifestyle as "pleasant". Others, on the other hand, were particularly humble and told Sherman, they just "got lucky".

"While getting rich is always considered desirable, it doesn't seem easy or simple to be rich," believes Sherman. Because the millionaires Fear of stigma from not-so-well-heeled society so they concluded after the talks, they would therefore remain silent and even try to to hide their wealth from the eyes of others.

Instead, they justify themselves by saying that they would have worked hard for all that money and that they would only spend it in moderation. On the other hand, they would rather refrain from lavish swanky actions. So that they could feel at least a little normal, Sherman concluded.

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