Transcription services means


Transcription is the transmission of live spoken or recorded sound into written or electronic text form. Some providers of transcription services send their employees to events or seminars, where they put the spoken content into text form. In some cases, voice recordings such as CDs, cassettes, VHS or other sound files are also accepted. Transcription service providers, whether corporations or individuals, charge differently. It can be billed per word, per line, per minute or per hour. Transcriptions can be in the same language or in a different language, depending on the customer's wishes.

The transcription of sound recordings and videos into another language takes place in two main phases:

PHASE 1: The native speaker linguist sees or listens to the recording and transfers the text it contains in written form to the source file.

PHASE 2: Depending on the customer's wishes, the text can then be translated into the target language by one of our professional native-speaking translators.

The range of transcription services from LC

  • Business transcriptions (meetings, inspections, seminars, speeches, conferences, etc.)
  • Market research transcription (focus groups, face-to-face and telephone interviews, etc.)
  • Academic transcriptions (lectures, seminars, research papers, scientific interviews, dissertations, theses, etc.)
  • Legal transcriptions (impeachments, hearings)
  • Medical transcriptions (patient reports, medical conferences, etc.)
  • Media transcriptions (manuscripts, journalistic interviews, subtitles, captions, etc.)

Transcription file formats supported by LC

  • Digital audio files (MP3, MP4, DSS, Olympus Digital Dictation, Real Player, WAV, WMA)
  • Analog (cassettes, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, videos)

Verbatim transcription and translation by LC

An experienced linguist from LC, who does verbatim transcriptions from the foreign language, records all spoken words including filler words such as “also”, “uh” and “uhmm”, throat clearing and incomplete sentences. It also includes pauses, laughter, and other noises that are normal components of spoken language. A linguist usually spends more time transcribing these types of text. However, this is valuable in job interviews, police interrogations, and legal proceedings, where the person's behavior and reactions are as important as the spoken word and translation.

Edited transcription and translation LC

An edited transcription and translation leaves out all “uh”, “around”, every laugh and pause. There is some minor editing to correct sentences and grammar, and the linguist is free to omit words and sentences that are not relevant to the topic. An edited transcription represents the best possible offer for customers when time and money are limited.

LC employs experienced linguists to handle your project and meets high standards of accuracy and efficiency.