Is an official's personal life important

Law regulating the status of civil servants in the federal states (Civil Service Status Act - BeamtStG)

§ 33Basic duties§ 34Performing tasks, behavior§ 35Follow-up obligation§ 36Responsibility for legality§ 37Confidentiality§ 38Oath of service§ 39Prohibition of conducting official business§ 40Sideline§ 41Activity after termination of civil service§ 42Prohibition of accepting rewards, gifts and other benefits§ 43Part-time employment§ 44Relaxing vacation§ 45care§ 46Maternity leave and parental leave§ 47Failure to fulfill obligations§ 48Duty to pay damages§ 49Transfers in criminal proceedings§ 50Personnel file§ 51Staff representation§ 52Membership in trade unions and professional associations§ 53Participation of the top organizations