What great writers read great writers

Biographies of well-known authors and writers

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People who win the Nobel Prize and an Oscar at the same time. Who are both successful as a drug dealer and as a writer worldwide. And people who, despite dropping out, become the great scholars of their nation - nothing is more exciting than the crazy and inspiring biographies of the great writers!

Below you will find short biographies of well-known writers such as Alexandre Dumas and Herman Melville, but also of somewhat more eccentric and lesser-known authors whose lives were hardly less exciting than that of their well-known colleagues.


Agnon, Samuel: The First Hebrew Nobel Prize Winner

Allende, Isabel: A fictional letter becomes a world bestseller

Arnim, Elizabeth von: The polyglot writer


Benavente, Jacinto: The Man Who Reanimated Spanish Theater

Benjamin, Walter: Was it really suicide?

Blyton, Enid: Great with all kids - except your own?

Bradbury, Ray: A Life for Science Fiction

Brontë, Emily: hyper-intelligent, but stubborn to the death

Bukowski, Charles: Sex, Drugs & Poems

Burroughs, Edgar Rice: The Little Known Author of Tarzan and John Carter


Canetti, Elias: The diva among the Nobel Prize winners

Chateaubriand, François-René de: Victor Hugo's noble idol


Dahl, Roald: Charlie's chocolate factory and a good helping of anti-Semitism

Doblin, Alfred: The forgotten grand master of literature

Dumas, Alexandre (the elder): The revolutionary as a writer

Dumas, Alexandre (the younger): The Lady of the Camellias and La Traviata



Feuerbach, Ludwig: "Man is what he eats"

Franzen, Jonathan: The Germanist


Gaarder, Jostein: The controversial

Gilbert, Elizabeth: Eat Pray Love and Coyote Ugly

Ginzburg, Natalia: The woman who only married literature lecturers


Hamsun, Knut: literary genius and Nazi sympathizer

Hemingway, Ernest: The big game hunter who claims to have shot 122 Germans first, and then himself

Humboldt, Alexander von: A great, inspiring scientist and author



Johnson, Samuel: A college dropout becomes his country's most important scholar


Kaminer, Wladimir: "The Russians are (...) gay-friendly - they just don't show it"


Larsson, Stieg: Posthumously famous

Lawrence, David Herbert: The Enfant Terrible of Literature

Lazarus, Emma: Died young, but perhaps the most widely read poet of all time

Lem, Stanislaw: The contradicting one

Löns, Hermann: dandy and conservationist


Marks, Howard: The Oxford graduate becomes a drug smuggler becomes a bestselling autobiographer

Maupassant, Guy de: The great writer does not allow us the Eiffel Tower

McCarthy, Cormac: Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award and seven times filmed

Melville, Herman: The Customs Inspector and Serial Rebel

Mulisch, Harry: Me am the second World War



Oliver, Mary: Nature as a source of inspiration


Pushkin, Alexander: The national poet of Russia



Raddatz, Fritz: The Rumpelstiltskin of the literary scene

Ringelnatz, Joachim: No other artist has survived in such an original way

RothJoseph: The curriculum vitae as a sequence of fictions

Rowling, Joanne Kathleen: The novelist whose life is a novel in itself


Salten, Felix: One and the same author of "Bambi" and "Josefine Mützenbacher"

Schirrmacher, Frank: High-flyer in the downdraft?

Schlegel, August: Unsuccessful as an author, world-class as a translator

Selby, Hubert: The forbidden book of Hubert Selby

Shaw, George Bernard: The Only Person To Get An Oscar and received a Nobel Prize for Literature

Sheckley, Robert: The Master of Sci-Fi Short Stories

Shelley, Mary: A life full of changes and losses

Steel, Danielle: 5 marriages, 9 children, 22 films and 60 bestsellers


Tennyson; Alfred: The dark lord

Tolstoy, Leo: So much more than just a writer

Travers, Pamela Lynwood: Marry Poppins trusts the astrologers


Uris, Leon: 2 years of research + 1000 interviews = 1 world bestseller