Can sing baritones B4 with chest voice

Am I a low tenor or a high baritone?

I'm a 13 year old singer, my voice has already gone down (I think), I don't think it's likely to change much more.

However, my vocal range is: E2-B5 (many low tenors have this range more or less, like Miljenko Mattijevik from Steelheart, some of them can go even deeper, like Rob Halford from Judas Priest)


E2-F2: Breathtaking deep chest voice

F2-G # 4: voice from the bottom up

G # 4-C5 or C # 5, maybe higher I haven't really tested: mixed voice

D5-B5: lower and upper head voice

C6-C # 6: Very high head voice, it doesn't hurt or anything, but it's too thin so I don't use much of it (yet).

  • In Vocal Fry I can do a Bb1 but I can't use it because it's too quiet

  • My falsetto area is pretty small and useless, I think it's underdeveloped (around G4-E5, and they get more breathless as I go higher). I prefer to hit my high notes with my head voice

I can't really tell where my "breaks" are, mostly because I now do things like a little more chest voice stretch, never really experienced head fractures or mid-chest fractures or cracks, maybe I did when I learned how If these registers were connected smoothly over time, I sang a lot in the head voice with a lot of throat resonance and tried to sing along to Axl Rose from Guns N'Roses. It didn't hurt, but it didn't sound good.

I really don't know where my tessitura is, but I can say that I feel more comfortable on grades a little below B4 or C5.

I could roughly say that my tessitura is around: F3-A4, but I'm absolutely not sure.

Also, my speaking voice is relatively quiet, I don't do it on purpose or anything, but my speaking voice is usually between A2 and D3, which in my opinion is really too quiet for a tenor.

I've never had real private singing lessons, I tried some language programs (Per Bristow, Singing Success, but then I thought SLS was just not my thing and I took the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy course on how to sing better than anyone, which suits me much better because I'm a hard rock singer)

I started singing seriously about 6 months ago. My range, skills, strength, tone, and pitch have improved MUCH since then. My range used to be something like G2-E5.

Anyway, do you have any ideas what I could be?

Greg Jackson

I will repeat the point made in Matt Putnam's answer: you are 13 so who knows what you are at this point? You may have gone through the most noticeable change in your voice, but by the time you were 13, your voice didn't settle in. This doesn't mean your range will decrease - it could very well get higher again. At 17 I was bass and at 26 I'm now a high tenor.


The men's voices change well into their twenties. I started as a bass (solid E2) and ended up as a medium high Bari. It doesn't make much sense to worry about voice classification right now.

Anyway, something is wrong with your octave numbers or your vocal register labels. C6 is soprano high C. In no case do you sing this in a modal voice.

Take some real, personal lessons. These language programs are especially dangerous at your age.


@ WheatWilliams Great advice in general. The problem is, this young man is a hard rock singer!

Bradley Monroe

I think based on the fact that your mixed voice rises to D major (Db5) above tenor high CI, you think you're a hero tenor with a bass range down to low E and soprano quasi-falsetto to soprano -High B. Have you ever tried to sing a high C opera tenor?