What are 10 tips for future carnivals

The best tips for "after the carnival"

A long shower alone is sometimes not enough to remove confetti, glitter or remnants of brightly colored Holi powder from your hair. Plucking confetti out of your hair one at a time is time-consuming and annoying. The small scraps of paper are much easier to remove, using the same trick that can be used to get rid of the glitter. The first thing to do is grab a paper towel and sprinkle a sheet of hairspray on it. If you run the still damp cloth through your hair, you will absorb a large part of the glitter and confetti. Then massage olive, coconut or baby oil first into the hairline and then into the tips. The oil now has to act for around 15 minutes. If the hair is then washed thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner, it shines again in its naturalness. Not only at colored powder festivals, but also at Carnival, the mood is often heated with Holi powder. The trendy colored powder sticks to the hair for a few days, and traces can often still be seen after several washes. This is where a deep cleansing shampoo helps, which opens the cuticle of the hair and removes the color film. In the trade, such a shampoo is usually labeled as a deep purifying shampoo. You will get the same effect if you add ascorbic acid to your usual shampoo. As long as there are still residues of the Holi powder in your hair, you should better avoid conditioner and hair treatment, because these hair care products close the cuticle and thus seal the color. Once the hair has returned to its natural color, additional care is useful.