Pay Amazon for the return

Returns at Amazon: This is how you send goods back


If you don't like an item you bought on Amazon or if it is defective, you can send it back. The return can be easily processed via the retailer's website. Netzwelt tells you how to return goods to Amazon and what costs you will have to pay.

To return an item ordered on Amazon, it is best to use the retailer's online return center. Here you will receive a dispatch note with the necessary information.

Returning an article - this is how it works

You can find out step by step how to return an item via the online return center in the following media gallery.

Amazon: This is how you send goods back

Follow these steps to return goods on Amazon.

    Is the return free of charge?

    Whether there are costs for the return depends on the goods ordered and the reason for the return. In the following cases, according to Amazon, you do not pay any fees when you return the goods:

    • You received the wrong item.
    • The item you ordered is damaged or defective.
    • You have canceled the order within 14 days and the item costs more than 40 euros.
    • You return shoes, clothes or handbags within 30 days.

    Otherwise you have to reckon with costs of up to 3.50 euros. Amazon will then automatically deduct this from your reimbursement. If you send items back from abroad, higher fees may apply.

    Please note: The information on return costs only relates to goods that are sold and shipped by Amazon. Different provisions may apply to marketplace offers.

    Do you have any further questions about the return process or are you having problems returning an order? Then the best thing to do is to contact Amazon customer service. In another article we will tell you how you can contact Amazon customer service via fax, email, chat or phone.

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