Why is learning CPR important?

  • For years I have been following reports on interesting and committed projects at HLW Hartberg in the corner of my eye, several successful graduates in our company underline the positive image. RINGANA will continue to be open to graduates in the future, especially with the focus on food management, which is very interesting for us.

    DI Dr. Michael Russ

  • "This is so important and valuable about CPR that you don't always have to just eat ready-made meals, but can take care of yourself consciously and healthily."

    Martha Hirschböck, HLW high school graduation 2003
    Food blogger and cookbook author as well as key account at LED24.cc

  • Our own motto is "Really healthy meat enjoyment". We think that all consumers should be aware of the route a piece of meat has to take to get to the supermarket and what this means for the environment. We think it is important that the animals live well, healthy and in nature and that consumers learn to appreciate the quality and the amount of work that is behind it for a direct marketer who does everything without large machines. That's why we're thrilled that CPR is taking this path and bringing this knowledge closer to young people!

    Theresa and Patrick Krautgartner
    "Lucky turkey" - Krautgartner organic farm

  • I am very happy to be a Study Buddy because I enjoy passing on my knowledge to others!

    Nadine grief

  • At school I already learned that you don't have to be afraid of taking other paths and trying new things. Even if it didn't always make sense to me at the time: I wouldn't be where I am and I like to be there.

    Denise Posch
    CPR graduate 2010, marketing assistant at WOCHE Styria

  • “Have the courage to try something! There are very many ways open to you. "

    Julia Weninger, BSc, CPR high school graduate 2009
    Occupational therapist

  • When going into CPR, being practical is a deciding factor. You don't just want to sit at your PC or do some math, you really want to be active.

    Antonia Kirchsteiger, 2010 CPR graduate
    Tourism manager & sheep farmer

  • At school you learn for life "- this saying is more than true when it comes to CPR. Whether in my professional life as a dietician or in my private life while cooking, in my club activities or even while traveling - I was able to use the skills I learned in CPR until now used in many ways!

    Silke Wolfauer-Pötscher, BSc
    CPR graduate 2010, dietician at the A.ö. Oberwart Hospital

  • HLW Hartberg offers a variety of training focuses. In the five years I have acquired qualifications for life and made friends for life.

    Sabrina Berner
    CPR graduate, ward manager, stat. DGKP