What is JD in an application

I would like to switch from footlocker to JD Sports how can I justify it in the application? I have a few reasons - I just need help with the formulation?

Hello everybody,

I applied to the Baden-W├╝rttemberg State Police and the Federal Police. Since I suffered from ADHD in my childhood and adolescence and also took medication, I stated this in both applications. In addition, since I knew that ADHD can be a reason for exclusion (PDV 300), I asked my psychologist to prepare a psychological report that I attached to both applications.

The federal police invited me to the application process after inspecting the files, while the state police excluded me from the further application process. The reason is that such a disease never completely disappears and I was prescribed Ritalin La 20 mg again at the beginning of 2020. You may remember that it was at the beginning of the first lockdown with schools closing. At that time I was still in J1 at a social high school and since I was worried that I would not be able to take the online lessons, I asked for a new recipe. (In the years before that I had taken Ritalin very seldom) The worries were completely unfounded and so I hardly took any of the Ritalin.

Now I would like to object to this rejection and hope you can help me with the correct formulation.

Answers like, can you save yourself and bring nothing anyway, you can save yourself. Just to the question.

Here is my first draft:

Objection to the rejection of January 15, 2021 file number:

Dear Sirs and Madames,

I applied to the Baden-W├╝rttemberg state police on December 22nd, 2020. I stated that I had ADHD in my childhood and adolescence and that I received treatment. Since I knew that this could lead to exclusion according to PDV 300, I asked my child and adolescent psychologist to prepare a psychological report, which was also included with my application to the Federal Police. Now I was informed on January 20th, 2021 that I was excluded from the further application process despite the expert opinion. This also happened without letting me take the selection test and examining me by a police doctor to check the individual case. I do not agree with this decision. Therefore I am filing an objection.


Your rejection is based on the fact that people with ADHD can be mentally unstable, but there is one individual case that has not been reviewed here. In addition, a letter from my child and adolescent psychologist (name) confirmed that I am well-oriented about all qualities and that she sees no reason why I cannot take part in the selection process and later do the police job. In no case does the prognosis express itself negatively about my future development. As I stated in my application and already mentioned above, I applied to the Federal Police. Despite my knowledge of my ADHD, I was invited to take part in the selection test.

So I ask you to review your decision.