Should we build a lot more social housing

Build more social housing and get rental housing

There are still far too few affordable apartments in Frankfurt. I want more subsidized apartments and social housing to be built in Frankfurt and, if possible, not to lose rented apartments.

We want more social housing to be built in Frankfurt

Too many people in Frankfurt are desperately waiting for affordable social housing in Frankfurt. We must not turn a blind eye to this immense need. At the moment, over 9,500 households or 23,000 people are waiting for such an apartment, which roughly corresponds to the total number of inhabitants in the Griesheim district. As soon as we have the political majorities for this, we want to increase the minimum proportion of subsidized apartments in new construction projects from currently at least 30% to at least 50% and ensure that the majority of these apartments are real social housing. These are then initially rented out to people with very little income for a rent of 5 or 6.50 euros per square meter.

Immediate support for apartment hunters

In addition to traditional social housing in Frankfurt, the city of Frankfurt also promotes the construction of apartments for people who often cannot afford an apartment on the free market, but who are above the income limits for social housing. Here the rent with the so-called “second funding route” is at least 8.50 euros per square meter. As a first measure, the head of the planning department, Mike Josef, immediately made sure that people who are eligible for social housing can move into one of these low-priced rental apartments. However, this is only possible if they are financially able to pay the slightly higher rents.

No municipal funding for condominiums

Under pressure from the CDU, the SPD had to accept that, in addition to the subsidized apartments, a 10% share of so-called “reduced-price condominiums” must be built, which means that condominiums are offered at prices below the local sales price through municipal subsidies. But only people who will hardly have any problems finding an apartment on the free market will be able to afford these reduced-price apartments. City money should not be used for this.

After the local elections we want to abolish this regulation in order to create more affordable housing - for the people who really need such support!

No rented apartment should be lost

For years, the conversion of rental apartments into expensive condominiums could hardly be prevented. After all, this is now possible in some areas of the city. I hope that a federal law will soon come into force that will enable the city of Frankfurt to prevent this conversion in the whole city, because we need every affordable rental apartment!

Unfortunately, there are still too many investors and landlords who don't stick to the rules and try, for example, to evict tenants from their apartments. The SPD therefore has the so-called Tenant Protection Office which has already been able to help with many such cases. We must use all legal options to ensure that such methods are no longer used and that tenants are protected from displacement.

You can find more about social housing in Frankfurt and a few basic definitions of terms here.