What are temporary files in Windows

Windows Windows 10: Delete temporary files


You can delete local temporary files from Windows 10 using a disk cleanup, but the files in the global temp folder will not be deleted. So you'd better remove temporary files manually. Manual deletion does not delete files that are important to the system. Find out what to do here.

How to delete temporary files on Windows 10

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

quick start Guide

  1. in the Windows Explorer you have to activate the display of hidden elements first. To do this, click on "view" and "Show / hide". Check the box next to"Hidden elements".
  2. Navigate to C: / Users / x / AppData / Local, where you for that x Their Username on your PC. Open the folder "Temp".
  3. Choose all Files off and Clear You them. Files that are currently being used in open or running programs cannot be deleted. If you get a message, check the box next to "Repeat for all current elements"and press"Skip".
  4. Navigate to the folder C: / Windows / Temp and delete all files in this folder using the same procedure as in the previous step.