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The largest nonprofits in Germany

What are the largest clubs, associations and foundations in Germany? And what criteria do we use to determine this? A somewhat crude selection is made here in various studies. That's why we set out to compile a list of the largest organizations according to budget, donation income, members, foundation capital and employees.

The data is based on the free Wikidata database and is largely taken from the annual reports of the organizations or from public lists such as the DZI, the Bundestag lobby list, etc. With a click on the organization, the source can be checked.

Attention: The data is only an indication. Every single number should be correct. However, since there are no uniform reporting standards, depending on the source, different interpretations of what is e.g. a donation or which numbers are given by associations.

Organizations are most likely missing, and individual data may be incorrect. In these cases, please change the data directly (instructions Wikidata, or more on Wikidata / Wikipedia for NGOs) or write to me. Since data ages quickly, we are still looking for support with the systematic completion of the data.

The largest nonprofits by donations

Which organization receives the most donations? The definition of the DZI's collection income is largely adopted here. It is usually the sum of monetary donations, donations in kind, bequests, endowments and fines. Donations in kind are only taken into account if tax receipts have been issued for them. Membership fees are taken into account if the funds are used for a worthy purpose.

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In this overview, the Christoffel-Blindenmission is a special feature, as more than 100 million euros in donations in kind are recorded in the profit and loss account. Bread for the World and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe are not an independent organization, but are treated as such in reporting by the Evangelical Work for Diakonia and Development and also have their own DZI seal.

The largest nonprofits by revenue

A list of all associations, foundations, gGmbHs, gAGs and other non-profit organizations according to annual turnover.

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In some association and holding structures, the turnover is not easy to determine and is therefore based on the annual reports. Individual Bavarian organizations such as the Bavarian Red Cross may be club-like, but a corporation under public law.

The largest clubs and associations by members

Associations according to the number of their statutory members. In the case of federal associations, there are usually multiple counts, since the sum of all members of the federal structures is usually given.

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Some associations like the ADAC are not non-profit. Not all clubs are registered clubs. Trade unions are often organized as non-legal associations, others are non-registered associations or associations under old law. The Bavarian Red Cross is an association-like body under public law.

The largest foundations by endowment capital

The largest foundations according to their inviolable foundation capital. Since many foundations do not publish their foundation capital, this list is unfortunately only partially complete.

Pure corporate foundations are not listed. The RAG-Stiftung is not a non-profit organization. Only the endowment capital is listed; this can sometimes differ significantly from the equity capital if foundations have invested freely available funds or, for example, the Liebenau Foundation does not provide any information on the foundation capital. An overview according to equity can be found at the Federal Association of German Foundations. In addition, a query about the balance sheet total can be helpful at Wikidata.

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The largest nonprofits by employees

Associations, foundations and other non-profit organizations according to the number of their employees.

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Individual federal organizations indicate the persons employed by the federal association, others include the federal employees together.

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