Should I tip more when dining alone

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Advice for employers

Waiter tips: Everything to do with tips in the hotel and catering industry, including taxes, laws and service charges.

Tip is a voluntary payment for a service without any legal obligation. In Germany, a tip of 5 - 10% of the invoice price is customary. When working as a trade fair or catering hostess, there is usually no tip. Here is a good overview of the topic of tips.

Tips by industry

Tips are often given in the catering, hotel, sales, delivery and taxi sectors. There are different guide values ​​for the individual industries, which are listed here for orientation.


Gastronomy is known for receiving tips. This is usually an amount of 5-10% in addition to the invoice price.


Tipping is atypical in retail, but it can still happen. For example with regular customers or during the Christmas season. Often times there will be amounts rounded up, so that you don't get small cents back or just to get rid of your change.

Hotel industry

There are several areas in the hotel where you can get tips. In addition to the restaurant or bar, there is especially for the bellboy per bag 1,00€ and for the housekeeping 1,00€ per day.