Was successful the father of Bill Gates

1000001 and many questions unanswered: Bill Gates' birthday

2020 is not a good year for Bill Gates. Like Rockefeller, Soros and other donors before him, he is hostile from many corners. His appeals to limit the corona crisis with simple measures are fading, at least in the USA. The publication date for his book on combating the climate catastrophe has been postponed to next year. In September his father died, in many ways the defining figure for Trey, as William Henry Gates III was called by him. Today Bill Gates is celebrating his 65th birthday.

Anyone who consults search engines about Bill Gates in Germany today will inevitably come across sites on conspiracy theory with the slogan "Don't give Gates a chance". The sentence, which was enlivened by Minister of Health Rita Süssmuth in 1987 in the "Don't give AIDS a chance" campaign, migrated to the Linux movement in 1998 and was temporarily the name of a website for the torture of Bill Gates in Brussels. Now the phrase is used by people who hold Bill Gates responsible for many things, such as Planned Parenthood, a movement in which his father, William Henry Gates II, sat on the board. From the planned parenthood and the struggle for medical care for women, the conspirators construct that Bill Gates III wants to reduce the world population. His father died in September 2020 and was a great role model for Gates.

Bill Gates is also hated for sticking firmly to science and supporting it with many millions through his foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, so that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 can be found. From this search for a possible vaccination, the conspirators make an obligation to vaccinate, assuming that in this way people with microchips will mutate into drones.

Technology against madness

The strictly rational-minded Bill Gates has no choice but to refer to the three conditions for combating the pandemic: Once vaccines have been developed, the capacities to produce these vaccines and the financial means to pay for them are required , and systems and containers that can be used to distribute them worldwide. Bill Gates thinks big, but in the existing social order. This also applies to his ideas on climate change, against which Bill Gates relies on nuclear power.

The Gates Foundation was originally set up as the William H. Gates Foundation and was initially run by the father. It has three main focuses: In the area of ​​health, it promotes research and development of drugs and vaccines and their dissemination. In order to fight hunger in the world, the foundation also takes care of agriculture. She wants to research productive plants and support farmers, especially in Africa. The foundation is also involved in educational programs for young people in the USA. Bill Gates, once the richest person in the world, wants to transfer 95 percent of his assets to the foundation together with his wife Melinda, while their three children have to reckon with relatively modest sums as inheritance. The declared goal of the foundation is to have used up all funds 20 years after the death of Bill and Melinda Gates.

Gates manages the foundation's assets as a tough entrepreneur, in the style of the years he spent at the top of Microsoft. The foundation also invests its funds in corporations such as Exxon and BP, which do not exactly stand for the climate change propagated by Gates. In 2018, the foundation had assets of almost $ 47 billion, and in 2020 it funded the development of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine with $ 350 million. For Gates, there is no question that a vaccine is coming and that the pandemic will melt away. As a staunch technology fan, he also sees good things in the current situation: "We have only made the progress of maybe twelve years this year," he said in a recent interview with Geekwire.

From DOS to Windows to the foundation - and a "too big house"

William Henry Gates III was born in the Swedish Hospital in Seattle. He is the second child of Bill and Mary Gates, a lawyer and a teacher. At the Lakeside School in Seattle he stood out with his mathematical achievements and was allowed to write the first small computer programs as early as 1968. He got to know the somewhat older Paul Allen and spent every free minute on the computer with his friend.

He began his career as a programmer who wrote a 4 KByte BASIC for the dawning era of home computers. In a 1986 interview, Gates named all the developers of the PDP operating system and the programmer John Norton at TRW as the most important sources of inspiration for this work. There, at the age of 17, Gates helped test and improve a real-time operating system. Gates said in an AMA on Reddit if his life had been in a regular academic path, he would have become an AI researcher at a university institute.

But Bill Gates' curriculum vitae developed differently, because he left his planned studies by the wayside: Together with his friend and mentor Paul Allen, he founded the company Microsoft, which was there when IBM had a BASIC and an operating system for its planned personal computer was looking for - that was bought quickly. Microsoft was able to grow on this successful business relationship and began to dominate the market at the latest with the success of Windows 3.0. In a number of antitrust proceedings and lawsuits, Gates ultimately saved Microsoft from being broken up for unfair business practices.