What is a business account at PayPal

The PayPal business account: who is it suitable for and what are the advantages?

With a PayPal business account As a trader and entrepreneur, you can enjoy many other advantages that can support you in your daily life and in payment matters.

The PayPal business account!

The PayPal business account is basically nothing else, than a normal PayPal accountwith which you can send or receive payments online. The difference between the private and business business account from PayPal is that you as a business customer have many other functions to choose from or you benefit from advantages that can support you in your day-to-day business.

To anticipate one thing, both the private and the business PayPal account is completely free usable. Likewise, the amount of the fees that you have to pay when someone (customer) sends you a payment does not differ. In the following list I would like to show you the advantages of a business account:

  • Account can be set up under the business name
  • Access for employees possible
  • PayPal Plus (PayPal, direct debit, credit card, purchase on account)
  • iZettle reader (payments on site via EC / credit card)
  • Company credit card including 0.5% cashback
  • Seller protection (order not received, etc.)
  • Fast customer payments

A private PayPal account can also be used at any time converted to a business PayPal account become.

Who needs a PayPal business account?

Even if you as a trader can of course continue to use your private PayPal account, it just makes sense to a separate account for the trade to put on. I have already explained this in detail in my article “Bookings that belong to a business account”. Private and business sales should always be separated. That is why I recommend that you always open a business account (business current account) and a business PayPal account.

A PayPal business account is basically suitable for all those who generate business revenue and PayPal as both a means of payment and for incoming payments. The payment service provider has become indispensable, especially for online shops and now also offline shops that regularly sell goods. Because nowadays almost every customer uses PayPal, so that a faster and uncomplicated payment process can be made possible.

Open a PayPal business account

You can open the PayPal business account within 5 minutes. All you have to do is go to the following page: https://www.paypal.com/de/webapps/mpp/merchant and you're ready to go.

3 steps to opening a PayPal business account

For opening a business account with PayPal you are just three steps necessary. In the following I have briefly listed the individual steps for you.

1. Sign in and confirm

As already mentioned, the registration and thus the login for the PayPal business account takes place in several steps. First of all, you have to enter a valid email address.

You will then get to the following form, in which you have to provide a few details about your company.

Once you have filled out all mandatory fields, you are only one click away from opening your PayPal business account. With one click on the button "Agree and open an account”You have opened your PayPal account.

2. Select the solution

In this step, when you have opened your business PayPal account, you can choose between different optionshow you want to use PayPal as a seller.

So you can simply use PayPal in a very “classic” for receiving customer payments use or you use z. B. As a retailer / online retailer, an iZettle card reader or a cash register system that is directly connected to your PayPal account (however, these are only possible additional options that you can book if required).

3. Integrate PayPal

If you have an online shop, you can easily integrate the payment method into your shop system as a payment method with the help of a script. The good, many Shop systems already have PayPal as a means of payment deposited.

PayPal business account fees

As you may already know, PayPal charges fees for each payment receivedthat are charged to you as a seller / service provider. Currently, the graduation for the fees is as follows:

<2,000 € per month2.49% + € 0.35 per domestic transaction
€ 2,000 - € 5,000 per month2.19% + € 0.35 per domestic transaction
5,001 € - 25,000 € per month1.99% + € 0.35 per domestic transaction
55,001 € - 100,000 € per month1.79% + € 0.35 per domestic transaction
> € 100,000 per month1.49% + € 0.35 per domestic transaction

Ever more sales through your PayPal account the lower the percentage that will be charged as a fee on your transaction.

My experience with the PayPal business account

Of course, I myself also use a PayPal business account to my business sales to be able to clearly separate from my private sales. As a sole trader and someone who is active in the online business, I currently only use PayPal for simply receiving and sending payments.

As quasi the standard functions that are available to everyone in PayPal. A function that I use for my invoicing and which is only possible with a PayPal business account is the so-called PayPal.Me.

With PayPal.Me you have the opportunity for your customers to generate a “payment link”, which you can either scan in via QR code or open by clicking on the link and pay directly via PayPal. For example, I use the accounting software lexoffice, with which I can integrate PayPal.Me into my invoices.

The only disadvantage of PayPal.Me is of course that if a customer uses this payment method, you will be charged fees and you will receive an invoice amount reduced by the fee. Personally, I have not yet used any more functions that are available to you in the PayPal business account.


A PayPal business account really everyone should use itwho wants to send or receive business payments online. Because just like the private PayPal account, the business one is completely free.

In addition, traders and entrepreneurs can be used as business customers use many other functionswho handle daily payment transactions e.g. B. in online shops or when issuing invoices.