What is philosophy in education

Philosophy and education

Education in the philosophical sense does not mean the consumption of information, but the development of a personality who is able to accept itself - with its abilities, its potentials, but also its limits. The contemporary philosopher Peter Bieri differentiates between this form of internal education and training that equips us with a specific competence from the outside. Only in the interplay of these two educational concepts can we succeed in setting new accents in order to bring the idea of ​​a “performance society” closer to what the actual resources make for true performance: the knowledge of one's own abilities and the ability to devote oneself to these abilities can.

Own book projects

Questions provide an impetus for a philosophical introduction to a dialogue with children - some of them I have compiled in little stories in the books by “Phil and Sophie”: So many questions to the world (Carlsen Verlag 2020) and small and big questions to them World (2017).

In autumn, Carlsen-Verlag will also publish a book for the search for the self, which invites you to philosophize from preschool and there are already new ideas for a project with more youthful thoughts.

The Thought Flyers - Philosophizing with Children

The Thought Flyer project has been devoting itself to philosophizing with children at the Hamburger Literaturhaus since 2006. I have been part of the team of speakers since 2018 and create flights of thought in the literary house, at schools and when traveling with the Philomobile.

For more information and current dates of the thought flyers, please click here


“When Ina Schmidt comes to us, it always means: In the beginning there was the question.
She manages big thoughts and difficult questions for everyone
to make understandable - a philosopher at eye level and to touch. "

Benno von Hennig Lange, director of the Junge Literaturhaus Frankfurt

My current focus:

The changes that we are experiencing at the moment, the uncertainties and worries that go with it and at the same time the reflection on what is really important and essential, shifts every other focus and forces us to think openly, to be surprised and to endure what cannot be planned and yet assumed. In this, philosophical thinking is a great help and a good companion - I try to settle down with and in it and see questions of solidarity, responsibility and freedom in a completely new light, in the sense of Hans Jonas, who recognized responsibility as a duty Understanding concern for the other.