What is 2 + 23

The Bible in the standard translation


Peter's first letter, chapter 2


Jesus Christ, the living stone

1 Petr 2.1So put aside all malice, all falsehood and hypocrisy, all envy and all slander.1 Petr 2.2As newborn children, as it were, long for the unadulterated, spiritual milk, so that you can grow up through it and achieve salvation.1 Petr 2.3For you have learned how good the Lord is.1 Petr 2.4Come to him, the living stone, rejected by men, but chosen and honored by God.1 petr 2.5Let yourself be built up as living stones for a spiritual house, for a holy priesthood, to make spiritual sacrifices through Jesus Christ that please God.1 Petr 2.6For it is said in the Scriptures: See, I am laying a chosen stone in Zion, / a cornerstone which I hold in honor; / whoever believes in him does not perish.1 petr 2.7You who believe, this honor goes to you. But for those who do not believe, this stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone,1 Petr 2.8to the stone that you bump into and the rock that you fall on. They stumble against him because they disobey the word; but that's what they're meant to be.1 Petr 2.9But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy tribe, a people who became its special property, so that you can proclaim the great deeds of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.1 Petr 2.10Once you were not his people, but now you are God's people; once there was no mercy for you, but now you have found mercy..

Christian life in family and society: 2.11-4.11


The Christian in the state

1 Petr 2.11Dear brothers, since you are strangers and guests in this world, I urge you: Do not give in to earthly desires that fight against the soul.1 Petr 2.12Live a righteous life among the Gentiles, so that those who are now slandering you as evildoers, through your good deeds, may come to insight and praise God on the day of the visitation.1 Petr 2.13Submit yourselves to every human order for the sake of the Lord: to the emperor, because he is above all,1 Petr 2.14the governors, because they were sent by him to punish those who do evil and to honor those who do good.1 Petr 2.15Because it is the will of God that you silence the ignorance of ignorant people through your good deeds.1 Petr 2.16Act as free, but not as those who use freedom as a cover for evil, but as servants of God.1 Petr 2.17Honor all people, love the brothers, fear God and honor the emperor!.

The slaves in following Christ

1 Petr 2.18You slaves, submit yourselves in awe to your masters, not only the good and friendly ones, but also the capricious ones.1 Petr 2.19For it is a grace when someone endures offenses and unjustly suffers because of the fact that his conscience is aligned with God.1 Petr 2.20Perhaps it is special when you endure beating for misconduct? But if you act right and still endure suffering, that is a grace in the eyes of God.1 Petr 2.21This is what you have been called to do; for Christ also suffered for you and gave you an example so that you could follow his footsteps.1 Petr 2.22He did not commit any sin / and there was no deceitful word in his mouth.1 Petr 2.23He was reviled but not reviled; / He suffered but did not threaten, / but left his cause to the just judge.1 Petr 2.24He carried our sins with his body on the wood of the cross, that we might be dead for sins and live for righteousness. You are healed by his wounds.1 Petr 2.25For you got lost like sheep, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.