What are the latest technologies for electrical and electronic equipment

Integrate personalized brand promises into customer experiences

We assume that high-tech and electronics companies will increasingly rely on platforms and subscription-based services to monetize their intellectual property in the future. They can use them to market efficient, reliable products and offer their customers shopping experiences like the major consumer portals.

Product innovations and purchasing

  • Product portfolio and project management
  • Product development and compliance
  • Strategic Purchasing
  • Design and project networks
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  • Determination of needs and information
  • Logistics processes
  • Sales, inventory and process planning
  • Response and delivery planning
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  • Production control for Industry 4.0
  • Production control for Industry 4.0
  • Operation and maintenance of plants
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Marketing as a growth engine

  • Marketing optimization
  • Uniform view of customers
  • Consent-Based Marketing
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  • Personalized trading
  • Subscription management
  • Management of omnichannel commerce
  • Quote-to-Cash
  • Control of sales performance
  • Support for sales and distribution channels
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Excellent customer service

  • Control of system performance
  • Monetization of services
  • Omnichannel customer support
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Field service control
  • Service delivery
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SAP customers and their successes

Choose the high-tech and electronics industry software that best meets your needs

Simplify and automate processes across the company so you can offer innovative products, optimize your supply chain and exceed customer expectations.

Control all processes company-wide

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