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IT case: preserving resources with green IT

We cool intelligently with IT cases

Reducing and recovering energy is an endeavor that has high priority at Thomas-Krenn.AG. In 2012, when the company building was expanded, a server room including an energy-saving compact device IT case was included in the planning. The server room is regularly supplied with cooled air using a specified temperature value, thus guaranteeing that the hardware will run smoothly. The resulting waste heat is used internally as a heat source for the production and storage halls.

The new system of double, free cooling can provide several types of cooling for air conditioning, depending on the outside air temperature.

We differentiate between:

Graphic ITcase
  • Indirect free cooling
  • Direct free cooling
  • Mechanical cooling of the outside air used
  • Mechanical cooling of the circulating air






If you as a medium-sized company also want to deal with the idea of ​​green IT, then we recommend the innovative system. We would be happy to advise you on the subject of air conditioning in the data center and offer you the opportunity to convince yourself of the cooling system IT case during a visit to Freyung.



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- Marlen Eder

Marlen Eder, trained office clerk and professional driver, was employed at Thomas-Krenn.AG from 2006 to 2013. In marketing, she looked after well-known partners such as Intel, Microsoft, NetApp and many more and also organized trade fairs and events.