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Transgender transsexual transsexual transgender people
It still happens that people confuse transgender people and transvestites.
It still happens that people are transvestites and Transgender confound.
He stood up in Cameroon to publicly criticize violence targeting gay, lesbian and transgender people.
He has public violence against gays, lesbians and in Cameroon Transgender criticized.
Sites about gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual lifestyles.
Websites about gays, lesbians, transsexual or bisexual ways of life.
She had been one of the public faces representing the transgender community in media and various conferences.
She was one of the people who made up the community of Transsexuals has given a face to the public in the media and at numerous conferences.
The horrible phenomenon of honor killings must be stamped out as well as the killing of transgender persons.
The terrible phenomenon of honor killings must be stopped, as must the murder of Transsexuals.
This school has had other transgender students before.
I have nothing against transgender people, I really don't.
All my kids identify as either lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
All children identify as lesbians, gays, or bisexuals Transgender.
Together they took a closer look at the Haeberle-Hirschfeld-Archiv and discussed some current gender and transgender issues.
Together they visited the Haeberle-Hirschfeld archive and discussed some current questions on the subject of gender and Transgender.
Attributes: Genderqueer, transgender, intersex etc. Something yet indeterminate, indefinite, unknown.
Attributes: Genderqueer, transgender, intersex etc. (still) indefinite, indefinable, unknown.
Her productions often featured well-known transgender people, such as Candy Darling and Holly Woodlawn.
Familiar ones often appeared in the plays in which he appeared both as a man and as a woman transsexual such as Candy Darling, Jayne County and Holly Woodlawn with.
She is the first openly transgender professor at an Orthodox Jewish institution.
She is the first official transgender Professor at an Orthodox Jewish college.
The Safra Project's report suggests that UNHCR underestimated legal pressure over transgender and LGBT matters.
The report from the Safra project suggests that the UNHCR is putting legal pressure on transsexual and underestimated the LGTBQ community.
I work for a homeless shelter that supports gay and transgender teens.
I work for a homeless shelter which is gay and transgender Teenagers supported.
It is responsible for equality issues relating to women / gender, sexual orientation and transgender.
She is for all equality issues related to women / gender, sexual orientation and Transgender responsible.
Everyone knows that transgender people are the most vulnerable group in Armenia.
Everyone knows, that Transgender are the most vulnerable group in Armenia.
This was a landmark meeting, an empowering and visionary moment for transgender people on the continent.
It was a groundbreaking meeting, a visionary moment for Transgender of the whole continent.
ROCHESTER - The School Board on Thursday passed a policy pertaining to transgender and gender nonconforming students.
ROCHESTER - The school committee on Thursday passed a policy transgender and gender non-compliant students in terms of.
Another example: I met a really wonderful woman last night that was transgender.
Another example: Last night I met a wonderful woman who Transgender is.
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