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Indiana Tribune, Volume 15, Number 98, Indianapolis, Marion County, December 26, 1891 - Page 2

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. VkjWtiH "9H, il vi -i; vimWH -v. Tie SMche Tribüne" costs 1 cent per week, Ne Sunday, Tribune "6 LenkZ per week. Both together ISCenkS or SS Genti per month. Sent by post in Br AuZbcMänzPprJshr. Ossice: 130 East Maryland Street. Indianapolis, Ind., December 26, 1991. Christmas and the poor. The program of the "Christmas party" organized by Mr. Olv rer Sumner Teall: a Christmas tree. Celebration for 20,000 poor children in the Madison Sauare Garden, has given a lot of talk and criticism in the American press. Opponents of the company do not doubt the good intentions of the organizers, but they think that the celebrated party could not possibly serve its purpose. And they may be right about that. Let's take a look at the Teall'sch, program with a completely free of prejudice, eyes. It is planned that on the afternoon of Christmas day there will be as many poor children as possible in the arena deS Madison Sa ".are garden to gather, ws for you '' I crowd a huge Christmas tree opened for me, although, hard iedeS i.",. .., j - (j,! rr if - poor child besides sweets also a mrhr nfcir !; mtnhtt ükttckeS cd sckss. neS gift will cool down. This cheer will be a show at the same time, because the seats des Ampyi. Ummim W. ki .TTi '.'. Jt Ti.iJ AM oas Grundaliche Vnnctp of the whole company. On a high festival, days when class and caste differences should be the least noticeable, the gap between arm and Reich even more systematically 111m W mii M t f. Ffttnm.n

tytuici fiuzivcu tuu ui do, 3J4moniai- -IM- aiicn nugi u ctiaujiciu y z, "7v." '- 7' rich people sold? the sinking IT is namely no less than the hf the man is entitled to Sa he of the poor is accordingly as pleasant Commodote P. -Vnkii of the amen-,? n goodness to the yorlahrlgm not a feast for the eyes for the elite of the upper- -kanifchen fleet, the During the Griy-tteben the hebhol, ,, t from tendomS, and therein lies - Mlchen Ervedition the NeScn? - w through the last good weather

C '"vvtvMijt BClHCii; C-lHl yülS XfVUllU-CHUtit. I" That is of course not the. but on the bandelt and illuminated from all sides. The fact itself cannot be shaken - and to give the result in advance. The thought can take that on top: Eommodore Griffin is coming too

the galerle adults and children will sit, which mood and coincidence of birth has abundantly blessed with happy suckers.! In order to be shown here by the sight of how the children of the poor and wretched are given the crumbs from the table of the wealthy, the feeling of the recipient is pleasantly touched, or does not have to be delicately injured to pride and self-esteem ? We would very much like to wish and hope for the former, but our knowledge of the human heart leaves us with the others. ,, to fear. Who the, beautiful art of wellbeing. I understand and practice right from the bottom of my heart. he also knows how to appreciate his old saying: Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. To prepare the stepchildren of happiness, have the laudable intention of preparing the river. Be as lined up as possible, just with the public manner in which the beer is supposed to be in Madison Square Garden, delicate Äkensche will find it difficult to make friends: new. Christmas is a family celebration, 'as it could not have been more beautiful and meaningful, and blessed is the hand that opens itself, to help that on this highest day of the festive year there will be a solemn steel of blissful happiness the leyte hut, too, "brighten up poverty and warm it! But for that the Orza, visatisn a philanthropic" Weihl Nacht-Gesellschaft ", would have needed the least amount of ftn with us. -, ': "Our city has so many societies and institutions in the field of work-based charity, whose officials, apart from all the courses of poor relief, which require so much tact and prudence, have made formal studies that appropriate resources are available And because of really. not, missing, ura - with - the Christ Child - if not "all, then at least, as many needy families as possible would be part of the public exhibition at work, but -" fo, "furiß . ' We seriously 7 just the worthy ones, who stay away from the dignitaries, because they shy away from hanging their neediness on the big bell. Pastor Dr. RaZnSford .v2N, who, St., Ceorgskirche certainly hits the nail on the head, when he says in an open letter to the Evening Post: 'This afsichiren the crumbs of the 4 rich table for the' successors of the army LazaruS was only done to hurt these children and insult the self-respect of the poor . Our 'poor prudes have the "claim to something better than an alms-giving from the wealthy to our consideration and our respect.- (R.?. StZztz.) The Sai Ttcuyana t mm.: ...,: iP Countless are the traditions and stories about the man-eating shark, the sea's hand-which is what Schiller calls him in the diver-. Probably everyone still remembers from his school days the ugly story of the people that has passed into almost all reading books both Bolney S. Bater and Son. Both were sailors on an English shy ship and fell to a terrible lileienhar to the Opker. The father still sacrificed himself generously for his son. Dock auco, almost, in cedar Aeisebeschrei bunz. eu! in the tropical seas there are usual messages, and not only four seafarers whose belief would be?

pOBttajex VlaudenSZaH, ,, dgtz ker Hainich have a pronounced love of borrowed meat and calves and divers mercilessly attack and devour. The story lnnq do the pearl fishermen on the coasts of Ceylon, whose arduous occupation is made doubly dangerous by the frequent attacks by human sharks, is well known. As it is said, every diesel diver carries a piece of wood with him at both ends. If the shark, because of the peculiar shape of its armored snout, turns on its back to snap, the diver pushes the wood across its open jaws. As a welcome leus e maehina, incidentally, the one with a rampant one has Phin ta "le talented uncharifche writer MauruS Jykai den Hai in a fine Roman: A player who wins. He leaves the wicked hero of the novel through a basking shark in the bay of the Dalmatian coast Jiume on the Adriatic Sea, Lord Aoam Camelborough, devouring his boat and a bale of gun-cotton? The latter pill naturally brings about the death of the animal .-- And then suddenly this New Vker Rßeder, Sportsman and EpTammanite comes and tries with a rough hand this beautiful fabric of To destroy science and romance declares all these narratives vain

blue haze and sea monkeys. ia. '"... bebanvlet. dak nods a ewziaer irk. Ucher eyewitness of such a rMMikfrMnMiit in hr nanten iii w (miiini-Him ... world is to be found! Of course .- ,,. k, i5s I nftrfiwttf tit hit,! (m Kam? aeaanae. in which he. how he i www wm nn "I r knows all tar jackets nnw tropical travelers against him. rt 1.. -. C -'- fL feougie and ipa: ec v: e sio! he oer ws cific Mail SteamZhip Co.- directed. From the pen of dieleS al'en and merited sailors., which fänkzia years lanz the seas of all widths and zones, originates a sniff. Lifi: r V Ä... VITl IJ .. T .. rJ the same result as Herman Oeb tichs namely that there is not a single direct testimony to be found for the affirmation of this question. The old seaman takes his task very seriously. It pursues that Hai through its entire natural history, in all its species and varieties, from the two-foot-long dog shark to the 40-foot long ri senbi, through the adventurous shapes of the hammerhead and from the Schaufelaase to the pantberartiz plugged and valley-like scattered varieties. Grifsin believes that sharks are by no means restricted to tropical waters, that Sand-z Hook and Barnezat are teeming with all kinds of species. Only the special transparency of the tropical waters allows the Glanbea to be the largest. The higher abundance of sharks in southern latitudes' get by. 'His argument now is downright overwhelming. He heard witnesses without a number. Sailors, pearl fish ?, Tancher, sweet) seeinsu! Aner, croo people. Out of the areas where the shark is to be found. Not a single one has been able to report a case in which a human or a mammal of an egg. has been caught or eaten by a shark. He himself is hundreds of them. Painting in the middle. Sharks gone for a swim, alone or with companions; they never suffered. He thinks the sharks are cowards, and certainly believes that they only eat AaS and don't mess with living things. A lump of coal scares them away; he threw young dogs tied to a leash under them: they left them unmolested. Yes, themselves. They dared to touch a dead pig left in water, nodding, because they were afraid of the swinging leash. "- This is Mr. OelrichS 'guarantor for the assertion of the complete harmlessness of the shark. 1 l,. DaA WeinZahr 1891 on the Rhine. The Wein'ahr 1891 leaves with li. L." .ri.-rr': ' ': i. . fwi '' !! -.; -,. oem winemaker oes.Nvelngaas pure pleasant memory. It was a year of. 'sorae.from Ämana., on and only the end seems to be' something friendly to design against new all 'prophecy ounces' in spite of everything being well done. . A coincidence of bad weather conditions, which fortunately only seldom occurs - has the last wine year marked the transition from autumn to winter unhealthily? rer was completely our means in the previous zayre. On warm, rainy weather at the end of November, severe, snowless conditions immediately follow. persistent cold. which penetrated the soaked soil and destroyed the roots many times over. -, At the beginning of the warmer season, - r r k v as eoen tn die zneoe ram, vlleo even some 'floodplain, off. One hoped, as before. ' A damp spring, by accelerating the expulsion, would partially erase the winter damage. "Instead of this, however, long-lasting, deprived, dry weather increased the disaster and caused many buds to die completely. The vineyards did not begin to open until the beginning of May The flowering began towards the end of June and was initially under favorable conditions, 1 patet but cold, rainy weather brought the flowering areas through all of the above, but now the flowering areas were still in bloom In a lower location, and it was also now evident during the harvest that the possession of the better and best goods had a far more favorable result, even in terms of quantity, than the owners of the so-called wine sacks. IV. of vineyards which much Weis low GÜLe runs immediately.


Mle per rewarded greenling had been missing, so the real summer remained too. JukInd August would just never have. mg of hot days and the grapes therefore make little progress. In the second half of August, a WendunMuin improved and 'let the hopes that the grapes would ripen, which had already vanished in winegrowing circles, once again awaken. Fortunately, the vineyards remained from the late summer diseases with their often very raging effects, from oidiom. black burner. Sonnen ,, rtnd, Säng. f. w spared. At the beginning of September there were traces of leaf fall disease (Peronospvra); but I grabbed it! dead about itself. The long-awaited sunny wet? ter came; The upper was not beneficial for the vine, as in normal years, since the roots, which had not yet fully re-strengthened, were deprived of nourishment during the suntan. The low blows against September 8th brought the vines to grow in a surprising amount of time and put an end to the disease. From then on, the grapes went slowly but steadily, favored by the best 5! Egg weather, which consisted in the alternation of foggy, damp and wonderfully well-formed days. The harvest could begin in the second week of November. With the low yields, it was finished more quickly than in earlier years. The grapes were sold at high prices at lehr star. ker Nüchlraue raich aufaekausl. These

PÄli011? ".L3! R - '.. I., I uderö: n der soenaekmer Gegeuv mayen. There d, e horror by the dl' roi., ',.. T. -1 1' s tb-lmZicken BsyenverhaUm ;, en be? on. SerS main erottwttterunz elae obtained temperament, as one others in the young fanj. The new cellar a spawning lans of the mnu taken that one can hope that it will maybe in the yizer the winegrower for the Failure of the year 1S91 will cause damage ... This year's autumn is at most a sixth of the noc paint aggregate range, Neran, chkagen kewezen The syllable crudes of Pachue. The Mexican mining districts, in which silver is still dug in all earth-rich species of its ore compounds , count by hundreds, and even many of them continually supply considerable amounts; however, one can prescribe five such districts as the most famous! Batopilas in Cbihuahua, the most excellent place of natural, solid silver in the world, Zscazecas and guanachato. the nubin bag. L'liS Voton, the most important green silver deposit, 'and finally Pa ckuca. the city of the SchwarzstlberS and the Silberlieles above all. Of these, Packuca has so far been the least active, he says, therefore also the richest yield for the future. . 'You can reach the famous Silberrener by train from the capital Meriko in half a day. Already there. where the Va, uca route branches off from the Veracruzhahn, we encounter a drastic expression of the metal kingdom there. !! All around: whole mountains of shiny silver fools in brick form lay open from the platform, guarded by RuraleS or Austrian soldiers, ready to be soldier. "Such masses of merykanian bars followed us later on the ship as far as Southampton in England, where their inexplicable law: unloading by a large number of men probably required an hour." Silbecvhramiden at the Bählihd'fen very "wöknttcke7Chramiden"; one also bkgem in the business dealings. the. Bars often, because in many regions they have to replace it in the merchants' cash registers when there is a lack of cash. . ';. 'Vackuca is in an almost treeless area and about the same' height as Meäkq. nestled against the mountains S 'sinq. by which the table land of Anahuaz is demarcated there from the Tierra Cliente, the slope of the hot coastline. Whoever arrives by train sees, at the same time! the first sight of the city, the distant, sometimes very picturesque, ruined. like v or - dome-like. shaped?, el.? givsel, which berrorraaen from that mountain range: they are mostly jagged vul. canal rock, and between these lies the Regla'chlncht, already celebrated by Humboldt, by 'Arolonilco. Walking with roaring water and vertical rocks, which are composed entirely of enormous, long, rising basalt columns. '"":. . A ride to the pit was pleasant and instructive. Crisw. which is very picturesquely above the city high in a pebbly rock gorge. ! 'You enjoy, there a magnificent view kinab ant the city' and far over that, table land bis,? U, the snow cap teru de '' Lovocatepe: l uud'Jstazzchuatl bti.Meriko. The fluffy waters sit unm'ttellr under the pits, bof am. tn w.'lchzin nock loot thaSilver nzch the Patio ProceSS out of r.cm he will win. You knock un) ?: radlr das leötci.e. .and. prepares .. it, mixed with water, in the courtyard in a run zadcn z? lammtorte out, wele over me. Nochsalz and KuLiervitriol are qualitatively contaminated. .To mix this mixture in'g '. a? kl eme '',: Ue: ke from ran Wirker, old Gäineiigclangtmrelieüer the cake; i! ne "Lene are wrapped around. the animals hillm tii sharp lye but still m ': n nar bochstenS liien or a little' cn2? e cuS. DaZ so get from .mlzam nird washed and out 'sH & k lI: rV1'; :: i; .t,. ::: M Kdfi .ji 'H--' ß "ZA! z, .ü, - j Washing, pounding and grinding g.:.dr. Now, mostly by means of steam iniiichmen, and also, Pachu? a has tmgrof; arlia created such work. J: u -Noen 'as well as ittllasttrer S.adl have recently begun improved Euglian,., American methods d

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to replace otio rocetz; benpielweye the ore is stamped with cooking oil. tzlud: the mixture in the ringing eyelets leads us from chemschem, nann

W ourrq Vaoer oas iiot m a ruiji'triucnvc uiorlrzvrrvtvung uuci, from which the pure metal is obtained by RS itn rviro. 'Aux of the nearby Grude MaravillaS. Wonder flower, so named after ner oorrezonoers ..manenoasr. wacuenoen rtl.N, -sX ... rt A. "PZiauze gieiwe called was geraoe äk M.. jm M. M m ''! 1 1 am Im m amk KM mW, I" "r1" 1 "," lu . . rer eirreo war 10 nar van oas rz wnrnifl'tflf'A w 1 "rn S 4 rf ': ä it (: K j 1 v-- -..' - iw I Wl llatlfktaiia ifai - - fc MTI uuiiviuwu umv vu wuuiufc ui vi I VsUurn .vurve, vpu rze Mnnnt.rhfAiim. SUath hnn t.Ah i ti- -t.. w.- mt '. v "uiui, .vvuuji.iit ww uhu tl iuüc, w." vlm pckwerkodet w btrStafcUnd from there 4 m lu.ith.4t.4i naM .... - I 'JMm vorwernchendengoldgel' brn, sttberkles and - Schmarznlber lm quartz distant green silver are very good. 'But eyes fall. Perhaps un tyc.n graze oiezern urnflanve oer .ln ekeiiibarkeit his Qtitl that his -r.-: it i, e'en means visner no nilyk tu oem - 'ji-.j vr,... 1.:;. "-Zrsde are attacked. - -) At work the miners are watched over the fingers that they are illegal, ore -on, the side mn., But wl en it o: e people so wmi! nnttif ifit; iTisttt,. '. 1 1.:, I lost a significant amount too. .1 'Z I' mwmM J t W iAt ltffejt and one ndkr .r andtte a smelter aroneilS of the .- - - -. :. "Ti T". "T 'buying such stolen ores consumes. - t-! ... ":.., '1;' -. Oon AnUtNde.,; R 01660 ax iae N ea e: st nper man common in the West Indies and South e - - ':. - -' - ' "'menra. . ; y; . . , -. y A 'colored Vr ed i g i in Baltimore makes long speeches,,,, A i the assertion that the Temel has red hair. '- Das F e 11 tx n e schwa rz eu e- schw a x z e) l trscheS iit .ungesayr tzövl) weny. One .this 1, m-, - s- c. . t Maiue been seen and hunters are after it. ' -'-. i mvvdf i, ",: j- -. European leeches should. len i suck better

imported to the Ber. Where is year old. Pretty as a picture, well-behaved andMcKinlen? his favorite in focal circles. Your..

All Yeitben point to a 'long and hard winter.' The pigs in the west have also acquired extra thick bristles, only the winter itself is still missing. . In Buenos Aur e there can be only one woman in every 1 men) and every halfway good-looking female who visits the city is immediately overwhelmed with marriage proposals. ,. u, 1 'Miss ln'He l en Äould the daughter of the millionaire, will be on. Jannar lS'ri will be introduced into society. She is one year old, tall and slim, with dark brown hair and eyes. One in the year WM in D is came d. Mass., A built house is still in, who ron emer namilie from ver NUQ 'age of the house' and leads every observer iur uem ourcy oeen Ätaum. f. 1 . t t tr. . m 9, opportunities. ; S e great flocks of geese, more than a thousand pieces. flew in the third week of December on the zuge vt. it biggest schila? flew in two sections that came together at one point. so that 'they dete a V bxU. Such a large crowd is never seen in New Jersey state. '' ue i. o a 3 all q a r a 1 1 1 1 1 "M - 'm" 1 M. "" ..!' ..! The synthetic properties of the Pennsylvanian rt (..rH: .a (..; r., ti and has been found throughout Canada that is free of stains and the ugly limestone oil odor. 'The oil found. is 2.50 at the source werth unö 'comes' to the best' amert ksniscksn Oel aleick. "if eS aelSü -r - U-, ch. 'IX. .i! 1. ... .... .. UXl ii.r,'; t ;: i! "'' si: i; L on F ello wS. H e im in Cam bridge with. his lilac; hedge. ,, his elms and the magnificent view over the meadows of ChzrleS is now from the daughter of theS Poet, 'Miss Alice Long. K low, .which, at times her hospitable Tbore des HauZeS and'.?!.. '4. L ".J" "i .v ... s V - ä' Mariens oen ruoenlmnen ver ur pard'Äale college opens ... The Ha was built by a Torr in Colcnial times and 'almost one and a half! kQ..w ii f L ii? .Mi..iii.it a century old, but still always one of the most beautiful, residential builders in the NeN'EnzlandState 'iiot ä. öucäs and Worester recently returned from Riga Island in Alaska. day ste. in the north-western part of this most important island, located about '.'00 miles west of Siika. be the Sbumazin group valuable Lohlenlaaer, ,,, healthy scrapes. ! !, The udders lie on top of each other, unae fäbr dreinia un aetrennl. measure at little height from your foot and are two miles long. A Sckienenweg is laid mftrh 'm.Hi? R h 7nnn, l with n, n, morden, which connects the tunnel with a Koblenbedä'.ter of three hundred tons. (Two Wersten and Wohnhiuser have also already been set up. "Bernard I. McGovern, an alhlet in Trenton., I. .. recently gave a position in the lifting of dumbbells. He would have asked. Earlier, up to 1,500 orders. Required An interruption of minutes and 40 seconds. At the last Borttellunz he picked up the dumbbells in 18 minutes and 30 seconds, 15.0 times, and then iesle 1,717 mrl in exactly ¼ minutes and ZO seconds Ebrgeiz drove him to fear it up to x'uoo Hedunzen, but his back was starting to get weak. He used eight pound dumbbells. "- Drrdekaunte Dr. Keeley Vi Dwight. Jl! .. who had the drunkenness to claim to curry is perhaps the best-paid doctor Wilt. They are in the famous sanatorium w

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LwizÄN M. at all times at least 700 drunkards in need of health care. Every ron pays the Dr. Keelen for the treatment 25 per week that

makes 17,500 per week, yQ is, but there are still limits to be mentioned. itt $ ltt Htimakh who treats. h, n 3i iim.n .ei .. n? w; com! au 'ver laicüe, u stebk', Ifl now day through fcunittlich 200 '1. 'Z.' '. '. Bottles from Dwigyr are sent abroad. , io becomes a -; -v "'. r. i.f 1 n tt t h ttt nnn triitrrt S: KS.i fcfiil n. t!" T -fc' w ir vr .. T w; t. DaS, traibt al 0 t N Ge. 'w, - imnttxnrflmfflin nnn ST sis 1 - rr- -r' '' "'y Jaar from the patients direct. Except m will, but continuously in the whole'." 'Land. Branch establishments established., D for dleHrlaübniy for the establishment .tttben 5 the Wündermann Ske znacit his "" 'C üi "' SW 1 st ä w K '. Q mm jj (. X' MW l V, -UU Ul W II l, , tarv: recently Jocl Bmedict HarnS, the richest and most eminent man in the south. leaving his children with great fortune. After his death it became known that uch??!.. a ". w".:.. w inc mutij omm nur ocin ur mer -W t. rf U HS Bakers JameSSweeny in Sandy rf j..! .. I DW, V (. 'V.,; verueiraiver and ivre Ökl .5 -' I rary ivrem X5arer uno , oren Anver. i: e. i.? it.:, - 1 ivano: en ociociiniicni. yaoe. trau sweenaS inheritance! is 0.000. As soon as their. marriage, become known:. Ä. '"i j5.. mar. oor vle family arris everything out. v: e spouses to separate against the protest of the woman sweenq.: Em older brother. lm ritfhjii tttt tftrtttt Itr .... with vu vittirvu fii 'luvwil- .VlUUUC lllt sum of money.an.- weun he after the We s., v. "T" 7, ,, H WM'Sweeny but explained to him. he didn't have his wife because of the ailments! give it to me) money 'can't' it veztech.'Nia something zn tdunwuniche ze x. rv -:., - i vo. icnic xuu, ne separation and ... -.,. ounce. w. he became her wuuich nitata. The yarrlS'sche. Family, mame good face, to the bad game we took the former Kuticher Smeeny into the family. His wife is 2i Im ... a mä ​​'ramme i, l voqarlztolratijq. smeenu st U years old. uzrupavrer wrro made from sour woolen, boiled in soda lum in T he newly selected Gouve r neur bromine from Wcaruland with a squat but robust tub. '., ..! "'Light hair and a short-cut mustache. He inherits an aranes Nermöaen from his father, one of the earliest plantation owners in. Earroll' lountn. Wecker as the bed - earth, knows V '..il tüity, respected in all of Meryland. German Localnachrtchte. Pro v tn z Bran de nbu r g. -f In Berlin the Konsistorialvräfi. bent a. D. Hegel, the Geh. Medtztnal and the head of the stenographic bureau of the Administeroauies and iamlns & tnu & 'Jfirl "-nTifnrnm. The right consensus exchange, which w yi w, 1 w w np w fcww ago some! Kett here aestorben tit. did by, ledtwilllge disposition of the doge of runo en 'community. -Several cloth companies in Forst have lost millions of marks as a result of the last, big one. 'Tee losses were allowed, since the GeMattSgang W' '. : .., .- fr -, -, 1 'i oyneyin em flauer ur, eternal auimenre i ---.- ii-t.- ct' - LA im vycigc - luvcn. Fishing club intends to join the Oder 1. . m,. f wt only oem ro uoaren ierier to revoz. kern as well as iNuch two, hundredweight Zapder I init thiri fSitttS k? , M V. jammr letncm journeyman in etnem Brun. Nenschafk. ' tti which he to Iniptttruna k .. 0si) .i .... k.tri (iii.o (i.rit.aM mA vt xiuuvtiuiwtusu Miuuwycuuyiu uui, by falling earth mass, n buried and killed. An .: Coal haze er embroider, are 'tn Falkenrehde dtedaughter. ". i i. n .v. 1 1 n.' a; .. ... rr. t oes Va) lwirlys oeuerlauii uno tn Schwarmitz the maid Sertho Jaletzke rK-t;. P rov fn P ommer n.. H The whole bathing resort of Binz and Umgqwö ifti wfg Rerliner anknrmaZr kdländ Chamber of the Schez Blossoming of the small baths the most blooming hossaungen 'tied. The i .-' in the wi L ffi.ci i "; Irr .rtk of the city of TöSlin, the legate of the Stettin, deceased businessman Ludwig-Kurkutsch in Höbe von 400, WO Mark is not sufficient for the willed construction of a StisteS, 'so that with it, for the purpose of, Er yoyung oes. Capitals The Bolizeisergeante EggerS in Colberg is responsible for his successful efforts in the field of hunting protection from the general German Jagdsch utz verem recently an honorary sword.verli.e. Hey us, a higher monetary bonus has been granted again. ! In the case of the 'lkven,' north-east storm 'the' last north-east storm are the containers for the fish '. Joachim Darm and Zritz, Weuge auS - ErSSlin! on the pulled. Nordergruno mitfammt the Be lanuna rttumUn ..: A p ....... .., .. .... x '- i'il'.n!' 1 " ,"'.'! '' 'Province ch 1 1 1 1 e u. ';, ,, S:' !!! :! , j ': K' !! J'Ll ,; : (': tf' s'- 'i:,!;;'! '-t,; ,, f In BreSlau Prof. Räbiger de? eldest of the evangelical-theological yes cultät. In the well-known castle. free-time lottery.Vrocen bat the ReickS judges the winner of the great loo feS. Kirsteils for the payment of 62,500 marks. 'as well as the interest and costs to the looshandl brewer. The parents of the furrier mirror celebrated the festival of the longstanding in Oleiwi. According to the government's condemnation May in the reversible case of Lusatia again the Wendish teaching sipracke both in the Relt gion and in some other teaching subjects, as far as ote, tm nkereije of a successful school tuition is nethwdis. -r A5

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Schubert from the Schwarzwasserbrücke from the Mun and thus found the ae sought 'death. The Gattenmördec Trüppendislocatlonen, consisting of Ber, T-llt.-. . . Vm! - .... iianuna oer arnrionen oes oerzazie industrial district, imminent, with the support of the Schkesischen Provmzml LehrerveremS, the foundation of a German teacher's home in Schrelveryau is planned. Hanover Province. In the case of the Emil H. Meyer bank in HildeSheim, c ?? ii - fttii 13 s'iO.nft h $ I tttfMn Tr VffiS should like something like 'ttV? i: 0 "UI believers and also that of other people who have fallen victim to those from the socially situated circles of society Baaermsister, Schwarz from OSna brück, "left behind 12,000 vJiu ge chäyte flour debts to America." - The owners of the "bankrupt bankruptcy". -u. i .. - L. ... Nordmeyer and Michaelsen. tn Stade - "f!. W iY ..... -j ni ,. locgenerunirellunz from epoiK I m.... cuugc van ema einer yazoen jjuwu wetuuu waivcu. ur .ct.i v.-. m.: - no, .E excitation jst all the greater, as - both spouses of the company are very wasteful "r. . Kntgretch Bavaria. f In. Pastor emeritus and Comorant priest Georg Mayer fits you. The "Schuhmacher - HanS KauSner, 'in Paiiau.- the' bride. - The bricklayers wiltwe Marie Hraf, and .whose Sjcihri Uhxtn beds found:. They died lifeless in the morning and were stunned by the inflow. -. - emzenromres as vetauvt. ic vnv. ti: iir. iunum iuur Hausner and the woman 'can perhaps be saved. Master baker Ne. "ttnrt in tninArtort" T (4if be saved.,? Master baker Re Schalding was saved at the train stations in Pattau Just as he was about to start his journey home, he was touched by the blow and died on the spot. The ten-year-old Tobn of the Muhlvacher Bernauer rn Knettma has given the year-old boy of the Muhler Lomnqer there to avenge himself for the blows he received from him older brother of the killed boy. The Leonhardifahrt, rn Tölz, which seems to be coming to Edren again more than before, went well. In the colorful procession Z3 Waaen and over 100 rescuers appeared.. From Munich alone, for example were 1000 too showers g come. Boa 'Hohenburg yanen' tcy vie sronnerzoain von Luxemburg, whose sister Hilda, ft! Errtftt lrtrr. (ZZif, 'errrtUn. Prtnzessin von Schaumburg Lippe, lerner Prinzezzm Bathudls, von Schaumburg'Lippe. Found the mother of the Queen of Württemberg with. Her daughter Adelheid. From the Rheinpfalz.. The Tagner Jacob Briezach autz Pe' The jury condemned the former Direttor des K'ämer'schen Elienwerk, Klette, tn St. Jngbert ... for mini-oiling from Ärveiler to a fine of 250 marks and in the possibly insignificant cost. The condemnation claims of the abused are now due. xev Packelvote Klos m Kai serslautern was due to embezzlement of Bnesen,. 't in which he suspected money or postage stamps., u..,' 'fr. From the transport to the Juüizge.:..:..,.' 1 '?, Oauoe succeeded 5YM leovch. Cen SMUN people to enlsprinaen and the naben 1. ..... J. 1' forest, serious körrerilcher suffering because of the Oelonom 1, t.? I; .. jt - i t. - t, also the stoker-Schorr. 'As a motio. amilienimittia k: eiiit. i -.il. , 'n .rt t r' "" 1 nannr. ; 'in euenivzer auzmann Samens Josef Sulzer from Mannheim has - by falling lion. the RheinbruZe in LudwigSbafen voluntarily de death in i. . ... M x Nkzein booked and received r? i Z approval, the government to unite the municipalities of Neustadt and Wlnzrngcn has now arrived. W W ln r cu; irnuuancu; u. an ocr VlNi ?. then in the sole possession of the church. IT opened his apartment in Winzingen. the winemaker Joh. Ehresmann von Hnardt. CÄIKMS: -ictti 7 South Alabama Street. Orders and subscriptions to all books and magazines appearing at home and abroad are accepted and promptly delivered ..,, delivered.-. 'Buying and selling old books. 'Socialist Literature. ', TäS best for Oefeü?

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njite? MWWWD! 'a k' l !! ".? ' .,,. '-' '.!,!,. ::. 1, i, sr, '17 J! -: - fx "V .j Lj 4:,:, j1 -: -; l1! Iil; T! ': I-' ".! -." J ".;, !! .- - ii" - "'.W'I ,!' '' !!!!! ' -:! '' II '' - "i '::;:!; : 's!' j! ' , ij. ,,; - '.,;: 1 -: ßs y; WP M u 4lM jf'r Li, ..: ijf '' - "! '' '"! ";!:.; C zy'., 'Üi & Ö -'MiA ffi' & fr., Il?"! iJtWjSjiSräfi; ym-! w & -M ff

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Antunk: nnb Udgüng of the various railways; Üz in Union epct, Indianapolis. Vandalia. Aögang-Mzug. xprev extortion 11 60 Vm 1 00 Tm Accomodation tZrvren 4 00 Am 7 00 Nm Ervrek li 00 Nm Arrival-Exvreö 3 30 9rn rpreg 1; Accommodation. 10mm extortion ... 2 50S? Rn Express Train r20Brn Accomadatiön 7 45 Km Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and. : St. Louis. Indianapolis. and. Cleveland Division. Exit Express S 30 Vm t'V.!. V '"-. AV ....' ... Xpres.. Vjoxm Blackmail ..7 11 45, Vm Limited Express ... 3 20n Express. 6 45 Arrival Express ..... 7MVm Blackmailed.. 'N WVm Lnnited Blackmail 11 55 Vm Express ... 5WNm Express .... 10 50 Nm Gt. Louis Division. Abaanq-EröreS 7 20Bm Limited Blackmail 12 03 Tm Blackmail .... 5 20 Nm Express, daily 10k5 Nm Arrival Express daily 3 20 Vm Blackmail 9 25Vm Limited Express. 2 55 Vm Express ...... H 20 Vm Chicago and Cincmnari Division east. Abgana express train. I 3 55 Vm Äccomsdatio'n taalicb 7 05 51m Accomodation ..... 10 55Vm Postzua.: ... 3 0Nm Accoincd.snur Sundays) SO0Ä IlccömOdatlO ... ........ b 4a Vita.ttolur.si- Rushviüs Uccomodatisn.10 35 Vm Tsstzu.1 .. .. 11 50 Bm Jnd'pls Aec. (Sundays only! 2 35? Tm - Accsmodation. 500Mn Accomodation 10 45 Nm express train 12 15 Nm Chicago and Cincinnati k) ivision west. Departure Accomodation 7 10 Vm Sckneä.Vost .. 12 01 Stm Lataoette Accomadatiön. ... 5 15 Nm Fast ... '12 30 Vm Arrival express train 3 20 Vm Lafayette Accomodatlsa ... 10 45 Vm Scbnel lvost ... S50Nm Accomodation 6 15 Nm Peoria Division west.Maema ErvreS .... 7 45 Vm Express ... l2 03Nm. Danville Accommodation. . . . 5 05Nm Express 10 52 On arrival Blackmail 3 15 Vm '. n .t. - il anviue ccomooarron. . . . iu 40 in Express 2 40Nm Erpreß fH.Nrn Peoria Division east. Exit Express S35Vm 'Accommodation 5 30Vm. Express. . 05Nm Arrival Express ... 1145VM Accomodation 900Vm Express .l030Nm Lake .Ene and Yesterday. Maang Blackmail 7 15 Vm ?? i no ... - froze .. blackmail. 7 00Nm Schnell.Express 11 10 Nm Arrival-Schnell.Express 2 20Vm Express ......... .. M30Vm Blackmail Sb0Nm Express 6 20 Nm Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Chicago and 'St. LouiS. I Indianapolis Division. Rögana Express ... 4 45 Vm Columbus Accommodation ... 9 00 Vm. Express 3 00Nm Richmond Accommodation. . . 4 00 Nm Express ..... 5 30Nm Arrival-Richmond Accomodation 9 00 Vm Express Train 11 40 Vm - Express .. ..12 50Rm Accon: odation 3 45Nm Express 6 50 Nm Express ........ .. .. SwNm. - Chicago Division via KoZomo. Exit blackmail! Express ArrivalExpress, .. 1105 831 ..11L0NM .. 330Vm 3 45Nm Express., Louisville Division. . - Llbgang blackmail. . . 7 3 40 Vm 'Louisoille Accomodation ... 8 00 Vm, 'express train. :. 3 55 Nm accommodation. 4 3) Nm arrival accommodation 10 25 Vm express train 11 w Vm accommodation 600Nm. Special daily 10 50 Nm Cincinnati, Hamilton and Changiana? : polis. Exit Express ....... 3 55 Vm 1 Cincinnati Accomodotlsn. . 10 45 Vm Express. 300Nm express. 3 30 Nm Express .. ... 6 30 Nm Arrival Accomodation ... ..... S 15 Vm 'Express 11 15 Vm. Express .... 7 45Nm Express .. 10 55 Nm 'Express ... 12 35Lm Indianapolis and Vincennes. Exit Express. . . . .. ....... 730 Vm VincenneS Accommodation ... 4 10 Nm Arrival VincenneS Accommodation 11 00 Nm Express. ... . . .... 505 Nm Cincinnati, Wabafh and Michigan. Exit express, express. ... ,. ,, Express Arrival Express Express S30Vm ..114.5VM .. 6 45 Nm ..11 10 Vm .. 5 00Nm 10L0Nm Indianapolis,. Decatur and WesternI Departure - Express., .. '630 Vm'. Accommodation .... .e-.W? 4'.20 "Nm Schnell'Erpreß. ... 11 00 Nm Arrival Sch neu Express..... 330 Vm: Accommodation ... .. ... ... .... . 10 10 Vm Express... 445TÄ Louisville, Aew Albany and Chicago. AgK 'Ki, ErLreß', ..M. .. '..' ZZll'Zö Vm 'M !! 0 :: rlonon AccoAodättSnHII5 20 Shn Arrival Expre ß 'iliig'Vlt 1!.!' "3 25 Vm 'Mö'Monon Accomodation ..... 10 40 Vm C t!" l;' i; iii; J 'i ": H t & ui: f:! l! '9' it Q nfi a ir .... ,,., Ban ftttie fM-iur.hrhTSirm1rÄ v! fvr t) 'Ahm i.:, l'.x., and jn. Mn, t.Wjo, 4 hbo. tr rode. 011. (7. AnrduUMr "T ot ..tt n-une .rc .... JW. Mm (U. V, d. Ib. -Tnrk utd Ht (I Him .. U-nr ftm are. Tw b . fiann. ntiiljr arttUif; tm ti t. 10ilj-.AirF. fpkem fijid un ti. t. r & rh l man ttaM or all rtir tiii, Ulf nay Iur wrh u. ": Kid Iur k. UMSf tlw. UUUtUACo., Uor.riU4.UUa "V 'KtüW MdwmtdrlbL hrttt in.

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Fcuri - alarm Siguak

Pennsylvania and Mark !, j Englijhs Opera House. tt Ean and New Z) or ?. 7 Noble and Mchsn. 8 New IerseJstr. and WassschusetS Ave v Pine and Storth. 10 Narket and Pin?,. 11 Headquarters of the NeuerDepart'mtS. 12 Et. Clair and Eft Str. 12 No. 2 S? R'khs.Mass. Ave. near noble. 13 Delaware St. and Fort Wayne Ave. 14 New Jersey St. and Fort Wayne Ave. 13 Vera St. and Massachusetts Ave. 16 Christian Ave. and Ash Etr. 17 Psrk Ave. and Lutler Stt. 18 Columbia and Malsti Äse. 19 Arcker and Äobn St. 123 Rs. S EchlWchhaus, Ash and 7th St. 124 Alabama and Seventh St. 123 Central and Lwcoln Avenues. 12 Mndes St. and Lincoln Ave. . 127 olumbia and hiU ave. Central Ave. and Söte Str. 129 Exhibition building. 131 Alabama and Morrison Sir. 132 Rohampton and Eighth St. 134 College Ave. and Zehnte St. rt i ...... "iw., - i? Vvme iüve. uno .eiamar? ir. 136 Alabama and North St. ... 137 Newmann and Eighth St. - 133 College Avenu? and Irwin. 2i Jllmois and St. Jvttpy St. 23 Pennsvloannia and Pratt St. 24 Meridran and Second St. 25 No. 5 Svr'ndaus, 6 .. near Jllmois St. Lg Mississippi and St. Clair St. 27 JUwois and Michiam, St. 28 Pennsylvania and Arts St. 23 Mnn nvpi and Vierte St. 212 Tennessse and SiHkm St. 213 Pennsylvania and Michigan St., rt i M ur.... J. 5 .... Ji vurnm uno rerccri ir.21a Orphanage for ardize. 216 Tenueflee and First St. 217 Meridian and Seventh. 213 Clisiord and Jesscrson Aoenue. 31 o. 1 Spr'nhÄ .. JVd.Ave.u.Mich.Lt. W Meridian and Whale: mt'E: r, 34 California and Vermont St.. 85 Blake and New Bork St. 33 Jndiana Ave.. and St. Clair St. 37 City "Hospital. 85 Vlake and Notth St. - L3 Michigan and Agnes St." - 312 West and Waluut St. 313 West and Kicks. 314 Seventh and Howard C! r.. '315 Torbet and Vaca St. 316 Tenneffee and 1st St. ß. 41 No. e Spr'nhsuS .. Wash. near West St. 42 Geißendorf and Washington St. 43 Missouri and New Nork St. 43 Meridian and Washington St. 4g Illinois and h9 St. 47 Tennessee and Washington St. 43 Kingan's slaughterhouse. 40 JndianolaZ Equares rom river. 412 Wttjsouri and Maryland SU. 413 Mississippi and Wadash SU. 413 Morris and Church Str. 421 O. I. & 23. Rundhaus, Wesil. from the river 423 Irren'Afyr. 424 Milen Ave. and National Noad. 0 51 No. 4 syringe house. Illinois do Merrill. 52 Illinois and Lonisiana St. 53 West and McCarty St. 54 World and South Etr, 66 Mississippi and Benry St. 57 Meridian and Rau St. 53 Ns. 10 Schlaucbhcz, MorriS & Mad.Ai ,. 59 Madison Aoe. and Tunlap St. 512 West and Rockwoad St. 513 Kentucky Aoe. and MerrA St. 514 Union and MorriS St. 51 Illinois and Kansas St. 517 Morris and Takota St. 513 Morris and Ckurch St. 51 Tennessee and McCarty St. 521 Meridian and Palmer St. 523 MorriS St. and Beltway. 524 Madison Ave. and Minnesota St. 61 No. 2 hooks and Leiler.bau. Southstrasse LZ Vennfylvania St. and Madison Ave. filt TTttrrt- ittVv Wrftstfn f3i.tr 1W IVVtW .. LV ..KV.f. . jtt. jrr. !!. . r .... ... i o iran UNO Älcuarry tsir. 65 New Jersey and Merrill St. 7 Virginia Ave. and Bradsha-.o St. 3 Eazt and Coburn Etr. 9 Pennsylvania Skr. and Madison Ave. 612 McZiernan and Dcughcrty St. 613 East St. and Lincoln Lane. 314 Ea, t and Bescher Str .: 613 Noble and South Str. 71 No. 3 Spr'nhaus, Wirg. Ave. u.Hua. 72 East and Gsorgia. Road. 73 Cedar and Elm Str. 74 Benton and Georg! 75 Engli sh Ave. St. and Pins Etr. 73 Willo and Bateö Str. 73 No. 13 Spr'nhauZ, prospectus and Tillo ,,. '79 Fletcher Ave. and Tillon St. - 712 Spruce and Prospect St. 713 Enqlish Aoe. and Laurel Str. 714 Willoz? and Olive Str. 715 SheZby and Leech Str. 716 Deutsches WaisenhauZ. 713 Orange and Lanrel Str.. 721 Lexiuc; t? N Avenue and Linden Street. 723 same Avknue and Spruce streets. i'24 Tucker and Dorsey's factory. 81 Market and New IerZez St. BZ Washington and Detaware St. '63 Cast and Pearl St.' '64 New Pork and David' sn. 85 Taub uummen "Establishment. 6 Who. States Arsenal. L7 Oriental and Washington St. 89 Women's Aeformatorium. 812 No. 8 Schlauchüaus. East Wash. St. SIS Market and Rotte St. 314 Ohio and Harvcy St. T15 Arsenal Avenue and 5io S ! ra5e. 821. Van Handle Eizenbobn-Shors Z23 Walcött and Carter St. Oil No.7 Spr'nhauS. Maryland 'near Mend. 92 Meridian and Geornia St. 93 Meridian and South St. 94 VennsylvanZa and Louisiana St. " 95 Alabama St. and Virginia Ave. - Special, signals. First 2 sckilae, second alarm number. Second 2 strikes, third alarm. Third strike, fourth alarm. 1-2-1 fire on and hose sufgewiSett 3 strikes, less water pressure. S-3 medr water pressure.. -12 beats, 12 noon?. IS The first 12 signals are fully, constantly suppressed, which gives the following cetrnto wviem me unoexi. QZTIZX US umtu digits cetrnrnt. 'V. I !.'. f.. ". "V!.. The shortest and most direct 'route -' Gvt, Wook,? Ord. SUd. Vestibule trains with the finest Varlot'x LehnNtzkes mk: Dining cars heated with Tamvs and illuminated with electricity. The most beautiful iron trains in the world. - chie'Oonüglicke'Mscbastenhcit 'the' tracks and the machinery '' flestattcn the greatest speed with the greatest security. -V'i: --- .... -,,.: T: e entrance in C b icay t;:,: 'enables an overview of the closer tkn -Wubiga'AVlu5' Boulevard and here ZchonZMCtmn of the city. " The trains run 'into the central station of C rnci nn ati. the Union Dcpotö 'from' C l e v e! a n d. , Busfa! O and Ä l also St. ruis. Perin. ; X l! p 'lii 1 "riM n fc t a i i pc je. tt'bt;' '"li".,? .n. 5? o. 1 Ci ": Wa sk ina ton St.ra-U,! UWWH..MVn emUtttöÜ!, ÄÄn allen Ti? Cil, n der Per S taateii, Canada ud Mexico at the lowest rates to get si, d.AndIalleHcMünschte '' 'Au, Hkun wrrd. OscarHMurruMore Direct. ILM. Lron, ori.Auxiliary Cen.Pass Ag, 5inin.?'?k. kl!

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