How and why does a fan work

Social network in turmoil:
Pure porn? This is how Onlyfans works

This also ensured that the platform was very popular, especially during the Corona crisis: Since the adult industry had hardly any other legal means of generating income during the lockdown, Onlyfans became the rescue for many of them. According to the company, around 3.5 million new users registered in March 2020, around 60,000 of them content providers, so-called "creators". Onlyfans currently has around 30 million users, including around 450,000 creators.

And how did the former Disney star Bella Thorne manage to turn the Onlyfans community against him? It worked like this: In August, she opened an account on the platform for a monthly subscription price of $ 20, allegedly for research purposes for a new film project. That alone reportedly made her around a million dollars in a single day.

In addition, she also offered special content in pay-per-view mode: For $ 200, it was said on Twitter, there should be a nude photo of her. But in the end it wasn't a "real" one. The disappointed buyers then asked for their money back - and apparently brought Onlyfans to the brink of a financial crash.

New limits "for the safety of users"

In order to prevent such an action from being repeated, the platform then changed its terms and conditions, which particularly affected the payment modalities. In some countries, content providers now have to wait 30 days instead of the previous seven days for their income to be paid out. In addition, the amount of "tips" was limited to a maximum of 100 dollars, special offers via pay-per-view may cost a maximum of 50 dollars. According to the company, all of this is "for the safety" of the user.

For many content suppliers from the erotic industry, this also means the loss of income, some of which is sufficient to secure their livelihood. No wonder the anger at Thorne continued to grow. So much so that she felt compelled to apologize on Twitter:

A little too little for some. Nevertheless: The thing with the greater attention for only fans is actually true - the number of users should continue to rise rapidly.