What is quality in healthcare

Institute for Quality and Transparency in Health Care (IQTIG)

Patients must be able to rely on the fact that a high quality of treatment is generally guaranteed in medical practices and in hospitals. In order to make care even more quality-oriented, measurable criteria are needed in particular, by which the quality of diagnostics and therapy can be determined and compared.

With the "Law for the Further Development of the Financial Structure and Quality in Statutory Health Insurance", the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) was therefore commissioned to set up a quality institute that would carry out the necessary development work for quality assurance. The professionally independent Institute for Quality Assurance and Transparency in Health Care (IQTIG), based in Berlin, started its work in 2015. It supports the G-BA in establishing scientifically and methodologically sound decision-making bases for quality assurance measures.

The IQTIG develops methods and instruments for measuring and displaying the quality of care, mainly on behalf of the G-BA, and also participates in the implementation of measures to collect and evaluate quality results, e.g. B. from hospitals. It is legally obliged to further develop the documentation necessary for quality measurement under the principle of data economy. This should reduce the bureaucratic effort z. B. be limited as far as possible for nursing staff and doctors. The results of the quality assurance are to be published regularly by the IQTIG in an understandable form (see activity report).

One focus of the IQTIG's tasks is therefore to contribute to better transparency of the quality of care. To this end, it should publish quality comparisons of hospital services, among other things, so that patients can more easily find out about the quality of the services and facilities in advance when choosing a hospital. This benefits the patient, but is also an important aid for the treating staff themselves. Their efforts to ensure good quality become visible and they receive information about remaining opportunities for improvement.

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