You should lock your hotel room door

8 things you should consider in a hotel

Your annual vacation is coming up and you have booked a wonderful 5 * hotel in the Canary Islands. After you've landed, you can't wait to finally discover the suite in the best hotel in the region. At first glance everything looks great and then what do you notice? Bed bugs! Yes, despite the highest standards, not all luxury hotels are immune to small animals. Some do not even notice it, others never even get the idea that their dream hotel could have anything negative about it. But there are a few things that need to be considered, no matter which hotel category you have booked. Because as we all know, the human being is only human and fallible. Therefore, the holiday pirates show you 8 things that you should always pay attention to when traveling.


It's almost decadent these days to take something out of the minibar. 3 € for a chocolate bar? Pffff. Then buy a whole pack for the money around the corner.


Sure, not really original, but you can't say it enough. Again and again there are complaints from guests who were stolen even in supposedly great hotels. It is therefore advisable to always have a safe in the room or to get one for a fee.

Tap water

No matter where you are in the world. Do you have any knowledge of the water pipes? No? Is always the case. And who knows whether the cables are not made of lead. Any water from the store is guaranteed to be healthier than that from the hotel management.

Lock the door

Just rush to the reception and don't lock the door properly? It can happen. Therefore, regardless of the establishment, you should always make sure that you lock the doors.

Do not bother

Who does not know it? One looks forward to being able to sleep in late in the evening and then there is a knock on the door at 07:00 in the morning, which of course you overhear and the maid is already standing in the hallway. Can be uncomfortable, but it happens. So it's best to hang the sign with the corresponding identifier on the hotel door. from the outside, of course.

remote control

Even though you are staying in the 5 * hotel, the remote control is where most of the bacteria and viruses reside. It is often overlooked in the cleaning schedule and is home to an enormous number of pathogens. Simply wipe it over with disinfectant spray and the subject is dealt with.

Bed bugs

This is probably the most disgusting topic that you have to deal with in the worst case on vacation. If they are overlooked, a rash can quickly develop - bed bugs. Sometimes they are even taken home and then one wonders why it crawls and itches all over the place.

Room number

Many hotel guests are too relaxed about the hotel number. Perhaps you also know that an employee asks you for your room number at breakfast in the morning. We have heard many times that these are criminals who then break into your room. Always make sure that it really is the hotel staff.

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