Which is the best air compressor


Compressors store air compressed and concentrated. So it can be ejected again with a relatively high output power. Areas of application include sandblasting, wall breakthroughs and painting work. However, the devices can also be used to clean or blow out objects. Because the areas of application are very different, you should pay attention to a few aspects when buying a compressor.

Which pneumatic tools do you use?

A wide variety of compressed air tools can be mounted on compressors. It is therefore essential that you find out what air requirements the said tools have in your workshop and that the purchase of a compressor depends, among other things, on whether the respective air volume per minute applies to all tools. If you often use the compressor with different tools, it makes sense to have several compressed air connections, as all relevant tools can be attached in parallel and replacement is saved.

Duration and frequency of use

Also, be aware of how often and for how long you use the compressor have in use. On the basis of this, you can derive the correct boiler volume and the right type of compressor for you. If the device is repeatedly in continuous use, you should ensure that the pressure tank volume is at least 50 liters. Furthermore, an oil-lubricated device comes into question here, since the wear is kept within limits. If the compressor is only used rarely and in shorter cycles, the oil-free version is recommended. Maintenance work such as changing the oil is no longer necessary and a smaller pressure vessel is sufficient. One disadvantage is the higher level of wear and tear. The power output also decreases after a certain period of time.


Is it the first time you have yourself one compressor it is advisable to choose a device with a wide range of accessories. A blowgun and at least one compressed air hose should be included in the scope of delivery. In addition, many devices have tire inflators and a certain selection of valves. In this way, you can carry out your first air pressure projects without missing a component.